Can you go abroad to have a nose job?

A nose is an integral part of the face and the entire body. Physically, it is the centre of attraction as it determines the beauty level of a face. Physiologically, it is an essential organ in the respiratory system. In case anything happens to its structure and functioning, there are nose specialists to handle it.

Rhinoplasty is the medical term used to describe the process of amending the nose’s shape to a desirable level. There are numerous medical facilities handling rhinoplasty abroad. Do thorough research on the experience, equipment, and cost of the surgery. Learn how you can get rhinoplasty abroad and reclaim your facial beauty.

The Process of Getting a Nose Job Abroad

  1. Availability of finances – travelling for any surgery abroad is costly since you are going for specialised treatment. If the desire is to change the nose shape for aesthetic purposes, the rates are slightly higher compared to doing it due to natural causes. The amount needed should cover hospital fees, return ticket, consultancy fees, and accommodation arrangements. It is the primary determinant used to test the readiness for a rhinoplasty abroad.
  2. Ensure you have all documents, both medical and legal – movement between countries needs legal documents, and in this case, medical. Ensure you have a visa if the country you want to seek the nose job requires one. All the documents can be found at your home country’s immigration services department. If it is a referral from your country, the host doctor should write down all areas that require specialised treatment. These documents help in making the travelling process seamless.
  3. Research on the best Rhinoplasty Centre – save for instances where you have been referred to a specific doctor abroad, look out for medical facilities offering rhinoplasty service. Compare all the features and the working methodology. Rhinoplasty is a private procedure with conditions, and one has to ensure that their preferred facility offers the service. Generally, learn how the process works, side effects, alternative procedures, and best practices.
  4. Look at the testimonials from past patients – from your preferred service provider, take time to go through testimonials by previous patients. They verify the process and are a living testimony of how efficient or safe it is. Since most people who undergo nose jobs do it for aesthetic reasons, ask to see before and after pictures to corroborate their assertion. If possible, ask for the specialist who did the process so that you can do a background check on him or her.
  5. Book an appointment – after all the information checks out, book for an appointment for your surgery. You can do it through the website messaging system, phone call if provided, or writing an email. They will schedule your surgery, which gives you time to prepare both psychologically, logistically, and financially. If the surgery is urgent, alternative arrangement can be made to mitigate the time factor.
  6. Visit the centre and carry out the surgery – ensure you keep time on the material day and even save some time to familiarise yourself with the new country’s weather, rules, and medical policy. International patients have unique treatment procedures, as such cases are special. Follow the rules to make the whole process easier, faster, and legal. If the surgery is either aesthetic or as a result of an accident, decide how you want it to look like.
  7. Ask for some advice that will help heal the nose quicker – the surgery involves changing or altering the design of a nose to fit a particular shape. In most cases, the nose surgeon bandages the nose to avoid distortion or hurting the stitches. If not given, ask for some do-it-yourself procedures or medicine which can speed up the healing process. They include pain killers, resting position, protective gear, and resting patterns.

Why You Should Go Abroad for A Nose Job

  1. Specialised treatment – get the best service from a rhinoplasty specialist.
  2. Better Facilities – most hospitals abroad have the required machinery for better rhinoplasty surgeries.
  3. Friendly Health Policies – some countries have simpler medical procedures that do not cost much while offer the best medical care.
  4. Less Traffic – countries with progressive medical engineering do not have many people on the waitlist. Flying out for treatment saves time and money in the long run.