How Does Human Eyes Work?

A human eye is a fairly unique sense. No other sense can help you demonstrate to the world you are living in. It starts working from the moment you open your eye after sleep. Ever thought that if such a small sensor can help you at most everything then how complex and complicated your eyes might be relative to any other organ. You do not know the importance of a sense or an organ unless you lose it. Try blindfolding yourself for an hour or two and just complete your minor tasks, It would be very burdensome and you would then realize how remarkable your eyes truly are.

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How does it work?

  1. The human eye works exactly like a camera. Just as camera focus the light from the lens to the photosensitive surface placed inside, the human eye also focuses light onto the part of the eye called retina. Where actually the image is formed upside down and it leads your brain to help you understand.
  2. Iris and pupil act as a transparent cover. When a new is brought is the house it is always protected by a cover so that the actual item stays safe. Just like that your eyes also have protective cover called iris and pupil through which the dirt, germs or ultraviolet harmful rays does not damage your cornea.
  3. Pupil size can determine excitement. Pupil ted to expand when you are around someone you are very attracted to or this even happens when you are scared of something.
  4. Having 20/20 vision means to have a perfect vision. This is not really an amazing thing as it means you can read a banner or a chart up to 20 feet under normal lighting. Thus you have a perfect vision.
  5. The sun rays can damage your eyesight. It said to use shades when are out in direct sunlight. Wonder why? It is because ultraviolet rays coming from the sun are dangerous and your eyes are very delicate to such rays. The rays cause diseases such as cataracts and pterygia.
  6. Minor eye problems getting fixed in no time. Surprisingly, there are some injuries that may heal within days with proper care. Such as minor scratch on the corneal area may heal in 2 days if given proper care.
  7. Eyes infections can be reduced by tears. Tears help you remove the dirt or dust from the eyes and passed down to the eyelashes. The eyes are then cleansed and moisturized.

Don’t take these properties of your eyes for granted. You should eat healthy food filled with nutrients and vitamins so that your visions stay as clear as it was initially. Always use sunglasses and shades that do not assert on your eyes. Quit smoking! The smoke produced an effect not only your eyes but also the people around you. For every once a month, you are obligated to keep your eyes checked.

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