6 Steps to Finding Unlimited Happiness

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” – Bruce Lee

Happiness is a choice. Every day we make a variety of choices that either lead to progress, joy, and love, or towards sadness and despair.

I remember one of the most important choices that I’ve made in my life like it was yesterday. I had been heading down a dark path, making bad choices that resulted in addiction, pain, and suffering. I was choosing to abuse drugs and alcohol for the majority of my youth, which led to me spending some time in prison. It was there that I decided to change things. With the help of the Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous programs I attended in prison, I chose to get sober and discovered how to live with unlimited happiness.

There isn’t a single magic formula for finding happiness, it’s a series of choices and mindset shifts that will allow you to live a happier life. Choose to be a positive person. Choose people in your life that help you excel and support your hopes and dreams. Choose to live a healthy life. For some, it’s easier than others. However, everyone has the ability to do it.

My choice to get sober has been an extremely difficult journey, but I’ve now been sober for over nine years and have never been happier. I’ve created a list below detailing 6 steps to finding unlimited happiness in hopes that it can help you start making the choices that will help you live a happier life.

1. Find Your Perfect Morning Routine

I remember a time in my life where I absolutely despised getting up in the morning. I would lay around in bed for what seemed like hours, dreading the start to my day. After nights of alcohol and drug abuse, I often felt like a zombie in the morning.

Things changed when I got sober and formed a morning routine filled with the things that I love. I started cooking a delicious and healthy breakfast every morning. I incorporated meditation and a gratitude journal into my mornings. I started doing 100 pushups every day after getting up and saw a real positive change in my body. After I discovered my perfect morning routine, I started waking up excited to start each and every day. It’s had a real impact on my happiness levels.

2. Enjoy the Little Things

I’ve learned over the years that finding joy in the smallest things can reward you with unlimited happiness. We live in a world that demands constant sensory overload. Society tells you that you should always be working towards something bigger, better, and newer. If you can find joy in the small stuff, you will find the capacity to be happy every single day.

Enjoying a simple cup of coffee, spending a few minutes every day listening to your favorite artist or album, or having a heartfelt conversation with your best friend, are all examples of ways to appreciate the little things.

3. Recognize That Happiness is in Your Hands

As I mentioned earlier, everyone has the ability to be happy. It’s a choice we make. Where focus goes, energy flows. One of the strangest things for me in the world today is seeing people with wealth, health, and comfort, yet they are still unhappy. I learned a long time ago that you are the one directly in control of your happiness and thoughts.

A lot of times people will operate under the mindset of “I’ll be happy when I get _____”. They are always waiting for happiness to happen in the future when in reality happiness can be had just by living in the moment.

4. Helping Others Rewards You with Happiness

I got sober with the help of others. I would not have been able to maintain my sobriety all of these years without the support of my friends, family, and sponsors. Now, I am the biggest advocate of helping others overcome their own struggles with addiction. I write inspirational posts on recovery focused blogs, volunteer, whenever possible, and share my knowledge of business and entrepreneurship with those with a desire to learn.

My efforts in helping others have made me a much happier person. There’s something about helping others succeed that will always make you feel like a better person. Selflessness is a very redeeming quality that will reward you with truly unlimited happiness.

5. Discover your Purpose

During my struggles with addiction, my purpose was pretty simple – find a way to get high or drunk every day to escape the dark reality that my life had become. This purpose led to unhappiness and misery. After I got sober, I found a new purpose, to become a successful entrepreneur. I learned about digital marketing, online businesses, and website design, which led to me starting my own company.

I have to say, it felt incredible to finally have discovered a purpose that was productive and healthy. I feel like everyone needs to have something they are working on and progressing with. Discovering something that allows you to grow personally, physically, or professionally, will lead you to become a happier person.

6. Embrace Change

The only constant changes. We will always have to face big changes throughout our lives. Some people fear change like the plague. The uncertainty of change can cause stress, doubt, and unhappiness in our minds. I learned to embrace change, and it’s improved my life dramatically. The change means growth for me. I highly suggest you adopt this mindset because staying in your comfort zone won’t help you grow as a person and find unlimited happiness.

I choose to be happy every single day. The tips above are only some small pieces to the puzzle. Everyone has a different path towards finding happiness, but as long as you know that the choice will always be yours, you are on the right track.

Do you have any tips on how you personally have found happiness? Which of the above steps has helped you the most? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts!