Deep Clean Your Living Room For An Instant Home Refresh

Find out how to clean your living room to refresh your home, and favourite hangout space.

Sometimes when we deep clean areas of the home, spaces like the kitchen or the bathroom get the most attention, because they have the capacity to get very grimy and dirty.

Although the kitchen and bathroom do need deep cleaning, think that the living room deserves just as much cleaning love as these other areas of the home. After all, it is the space that we relax in, we watch entertainment in, play games in, and spend time with other people. It may not be a place we clean dishes, cook, or wash ourselves, but it does have the capacity to get dirty too. Crumbs underneath the sofa cushions anyone? Us too…

To help you deep clean your living room and uplift your entire homes freshness vibe, here are our top tips:

Start By Tidying

The best way to start a deep clean of your living room is to give the space your usual tidying. Take the unwashed mugs into the kitchen, dispose of any rubbish, and remove anything else that’s not meant to be there. This gives you a blank canvas of sorts.

Add In A Declutter

If you have time, add in a decluttering session once the space is tidy. Could you get rid of a few ornaments? Would that chair in the corner you planned to upcycle be better in cheap self storage ( for now? Getting rid of any items you don’t actually want in there gives you less to deep clean overall.

Wash The Decor

Perhaps the sofa needs a steam, the curtains need a wash, or the beanbag needs a proper wipe down. Any decor that needs a proper freshen up, get that process underway as it can take a while to dry.

Dust Everything

Dusting is a chore many people hate because its so fiddly, which is why it needs to happen as part of a deep clean! It likely doesn’t get done very often because its so laborious. Dust everything in the room, from the TV to the books. Dust can get everywhere and you’ll be surprised how much dusting brightens up the room!

Tend To The Plants

If you have invested in plants as part of your decor, now is a good time to give them more attention than a quick watering. Any that need trimming or even throwing out altogether should be tended to.

Clean The Windows

The windows are where natural light comes in, so they should be clean. We often have the outside of the windows cleaned, but the inside can be neglected. Clean the entire window including the frame for an instant room brightening.

Wipe Down

Using a neutral spray, wipe down radiators, doors and even walls if you want to. These areas can get grubby, especially areas where the family may press there hands.


Finally, it’s time to vacuum. A deep clean vacuum should be all the way around the edges of the room, up at the cobwebs in the ceilings, and underneath the furniture.

The tips above should help you get your living room freshened up and deep cleaned ready for the new season. If you do want to take it a step further and paint or decorate your living room, why not utilise cheap self storage to keep your furniture safe? It’s a great way to clear the room ready for a deeper refresh, helping you get your perfect living room setup, sooner.