Health Insurance and Smoking: All That You Need To Know

One of the many myths related to health insurance is – if you are a smoker, you are most likely to face many hurdles before your insurance application is approved. What people forget is that this, in fact, is true. In most situations, being a smoker will inevitably increase your premium amount. However, this should not discourage you from seeking a medical insurance policy.

All You Need To Know

Are you still having second thoughts on whether or not to purchase a health insurance policy?

Well, don’t worry! We are here to address all your concerns related to health insurance and smoking. Let us begin.

Will Your Insurance Premium Be Higher If You Are A Smoker?

The insurance premiums are most likely to be higher for smokers compared to non-smokers. However, the difference in the premium amount for both smokers and non-smokers is not that high.

However, in case your insurance company realizes that your health is declining due to your smoking habits, then the premiums they charge might shoot up accordingly.  If you smoke on a regular basis, you might have to undergo some medical tests for determining your premium amount.

In fact, there are no such ground rules for this. Different providers will charge you differently based on your situation at the given time.

Should Smokers Take Out A Health Insurance?

Most smokers do not consider taking a health insurance policy, especially due to the fear of their application being rejected.

It is however noteworthy that insurers turn down an application in extreme cases only, usually when it involves health complications due to heavy smoking. Mainly, the frequency of your smoking and the intake is taken into consideration while assessing your application.

Hence, do not avoid seeking health insurance, even if you are a smoker. Staying uninsured is likely to cost you more in the future if you ignore its significance today.

Should You Disclose All Relevant Information When Seeking Insurance?

The only way to get your claim settled without any interruption is to make sure that all the information provided by you is factual. If any given information is fake or you happen to hide relevant data, your settlement comes under jeopardy.

Your insurance company should be aware of the fact that you are a smoker (even if you smoke occasionally). Due to the rising competition within the industry and increased instances of people concealing facts, insurance providers have made their investigation processes very strict.

So, hiding any relevant information when seeking health insurance will only cause you problems in the future.

Final Call (Make Your Decision before it’s Too Late)

Every smoker should remember the above-explained pointers when seeking health insurance. As a matter of fact, it is highly advisable to seek insurance as early as you possibly can. This is mostly to avoid high premiums or facing rejections from your potential insurers.

If you are confused about which policy to buy, then there are sites that help you compare different policies. Compare and choose a plan that is best suitable for your needs. Also, make sure that they provide maximum coverage and have low premium amount.