How a step forward to technology can help you with child safety?

All parents are concerned about the safety of their children. The digital age has made things more complicated as sometimes it becomes difficult to control to whom your child is interacting in an online or offline world. Here are the top three tips on that will ensure the safety of your child if followed: 

1. Get involved

In this digital age, it is compulsory to get involved in your children’s interests. Who are his friends? In what kind of activities children are involved in their free time? What are their interests? If you know the answers to these questions, you can surely guide your child in the best manner. 

2. Educate your child about privacy

From a very early age, you should educate your child about privacy. Either your child is using a website, social media, or any chit chat app; instruct following points:

  • Never interact with strangers online.
  • Do not open suspicious pages or websites.
  • Keep the password strong and do not share with anyone

3. Play the role of proactive parent

As a parent, you can block unwanted websites, keep the firewall always on, and remain aware with whom your child is having chat online.