How to Get a Court Ordered Substance Abuse Evaluation or Assessment?

Cooperation and Honesty

A substance abuse evaluation’s sole purpose is to determine the extent and presence of a drug or alcohol problem. Problem, being the key word in this case. We all have problems at times but when it comes to drugs and alcohol problems, sometimes a court ordered substance abuse evaluation can be just the right tool. A court ordered substance abuse evaluation consists of two parts that with a little honesty and cooperation can be simple. After all, you… are the end game in the process, your health and success are always the main objective in the evaluation. Your honesty will determine the strength and effectiveness of your final care plan and evaluation results. Remember, no matter how or why you find yourself in need of a substance abuse evaluation, it’s only meant to help better you. Cooperation and honesty are a big factor in both parts and the after-care plan. Evaluations should always be administered by certified professionals.

Understanding you and the issue at hand (Screening)

Part one of the two-part substance abuse evaluation consist of screening. During the screening certified professionals will determine substance of choice, the possibility of substance use disorder, and length of use along with whether preliminary intervention would be possible. The screenings typically are made up of simple yes or no questions but can slightly vary depending on administrator. Screening methods vary as well. For instance, AUI, Alcohol Use Inventory focuses more on alcohol. While TAPS, Tobacco, Alcohol, and other Drugs has more of an overall focus. All methods help in determining if further evaluation is necessary and if so, what steps should be followed.

Beginning your path to health and success (Assessment)

Part two of the two-part court ordered substance abuse evaluation consists of an assessment. During the assessment certified professionals will use your screening results as a road map on how to proceed. This part is more detailed then the screening. Which in turn allows for a stronger understanding of the individual, substance use, and stronger treatment plan. With an assessment the questions get more involved. The goal is to take what was learned from the screening and be able to dig deeper into the specifics. This will allow certified professionals to properly analyze and develop the appropriate form of treatment. An accurate assessment is vital to being able to create the best and most accurate after care plan possible.

Ending the process and beginning your new journey

Once both parts of the substance abuse evaluation have been administered a customized care plan is established. The plan will be specific and customized solely for the patient. Plans will vary from inpatient to outpatient. This recommendation is then taking into consideration and the appropriate steps are taken. Court ordered substance abuse evaluations normally come with fees and cost attached. Usually, the offender is responsible for payment, but the courts may wave the fees and cost at times for certain situations. Prices vary depending on location, and all fees are normally paid to the agency doing the evaluation.