How to get perfect eyelash extensions

Someone may have told you that you don’t look good in your natural eyelashes. That could easily tear you apart and in the worst-case lead to depression. However, with eyelashes, you have a reason to smile. Whatever level of perfection you have yearned for with lashes, you can get exactly that. Eyelash extensions come in different types, lengths, color and sizes and your choice depend on what works best for you.

Continue reading this article and get the steps into applying the eyelashes

Application of under-eye stickers

Under eye, stickers are applied carefully to avoid placing it near the eye. It has to be placed over the lower lashes like four millimeters from the lash line. When applying, you should ensure that the lower and upper lids form a seal with no gaps.

Choosing extensions

Get at least three different lengths of extensions at the inner eye corners. This is to avoid that artificial clown-like look. For perfection also, use 8mm lash extensions between the long extensions for a thick lash line. If you don’t mix shorter lashes, there will be empty gaps that will even make the extensions appear like the legs of a spider. To achieve a dramatic look, get the thickest and curly extensions. For a more natural look, go for finer extensions.


Usually, a well-designed vinyl pad is used for collecting lash extensions. Using an angle of 90°, orient the extensions for a quick and accurate application.


Hold the extensions from the tapered end and dip them into the adhesive. Confirm before to ensure that the adhesive is enough at the base and wipe off any excess before applying it. This will ensure perfection while fixing and avoid wastage.

Isolate and swipe

The natural lashes should be isolated with the tweezers and as you hold the extensions at the tapered end, you need to swipe them along the natural lash. Then, coat the lash with an adhesive and then spread it until it gets smooth.


After you have swiped the lashes with the adhesive, the extension on the lash needs to be set millimeters away from the eyelid. Then, release the lash extensions on to the natural ones. Ensure that the lashes face upwards and are parallel to others without any bits of glue. Be careful not to touch the lashes after setting, move on to the opposite eye and apply for the eyelash extensions repeatedly until it becomes more natural to isolate.


No lash should be stuck to one another and therefore, using both sets of tweezers, separate any extensions that may be attached to the neighboring ones. This should be done in a horizontal manner and when the adhesive is dry and not fully cured. Avoid pulling on a vertical direction because this may pull them out and thus end up disappointed. Repeat the process of application and separation until you have the lashes bonded.

Application of eyelash extensions is not everyone’s job. For a perfect touch, you must seek the services of a qualified professional.