Prescription pads: Essential for doctors during COVID-19

Today, in 2020, the world is grappling with COVID-19. Everywhere patients are being tested and diagnosed as positive. Doctors are trying their best to save people even at the cost of their own lives. But treating COVID-19 patients is difficult as some are symptomatic while many do not show any symptoms.  Doctors advise patients to take only those medicines prescribed by them. This makes prescription pads the most important thing for doctors.

Why are prescription pads most essential during COVID -19?

At all times, doctors warn patients to avoid self-medication or “over-the-counter” medicines. If patients try to take medicines by themselves, without consulting the doctor, their life is at risk. This is because such “over-the-counter” medicines are suggested by the pharmacist or taken by the patient. Both the pharmacist as well as the patient may have limited knowledge of the medicine. They may not know the contraindications of medicine. The patient may not be aware of the side-effects and allergies that the medicine might cause. So, if they take the medicine on their own, it might cause harmful side-effects like damaging the kidney or liver. This confirms that patients have to take only the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

This is more so during COVID -19. No medicine is given at pharmacies without a prescription. This is because if the patient falls sick due to the intake of the wrong medicine, there is no clinical facility to support him. All the hospitals are overflowing with COVID -19 patients. All the people have been instructed to stay safe, take the necessary precautions, and follow the doctor’s instructions. Doctors are so busy handling the COVID -19 patients that they consult online through Whatsapp. There too, they hear the symptoms and write a prescription. They send the photo of the prescription online to the patient via Whatsapp. No medicine is old without a physical or online prescription. The online prescription should be on the official prescription pad of the doctor with his/her registered license number details.

This means doctors have a great demand for prescription pads during COVID -19.

Why are prescription pads so essential during COVID -19?

Prescription pads are a must during COVID -19 due to the following reasons

  1. Prescription pads are the official record of the doctor’s advice

A Prescription pad has all the doctor’s credentials. It carries the details of the doctor’s qualifications, his medical license number, and his clinical qualification. It carries his sign and seal. All the medicines are written in his handwriting for further proof.  This makes prescription pads are the official record of the doctor’s clinical advice

  1. Prescription pads are the safest means of doctor’s advice

Since the Prescription pads are the official record of the doctor’s advice, they cannot be disputed. None can perform any malpractice while procuring the medicine. Thus, prescription pads ensure that the doctor’s advice is followed strictly and meticulously. This makes prescription pads are the safest means of the doctor’s advice.

  1. Prescription pads prevent self-medication

No one takes any chance during COVID -19. Even pain-killer requires a prescription from the doctor. Thus, prescription pads prevent self-medication during COVID -19.

  1. Prescription pads reduce risks to lives

Since prescription pads prevent self-medication, it reduces the risk to lives.

  1. Prescription pads are a record of the patient’s medical history

While diagnosing the patient, all his symptoms are noted down in the prescription pad. Thus, the Prescription pad records the patient’s medical history for future reference.

Prescription pads are a must for doctors, especially during COVID -19. Get yours printed today.