Want to See Best Parts of Cinque Terre During One Day Visit?

Do you want to make a day trip to Cinque-Terre? You have three options – by train, by boat or a combination of both boat and train followed by hiking. The train can be the quickest way to reach the place as there are many trains connecting the 5 villages at regular frequency throughout the day. If you take boat then it may be much longer, but it will give you a totally different perspective. Some of Cinque Terre’s best views however can be found on land rather than from the water.

You may take a train from La Spezia to Monterosso-al-Mare and from there hike to Vernazza. Vernazza is a picturesque village of Cinque-Terre.  You can find from Cinque Terre trail several stunning viewpoints. Even if you do not want to hike the complete trail, you can also walk to all these viewpoints.

Next hike between Vernazza to Corniglia can be much more impressive because the trail is open and enables you to get incredible views, first over Vernazza and then Ligurian coast all throughout the way. This hike may take about 90 minutes.

Visit Corniglia

Corniglia may be little difficult to access, as it is very quiet village. It is located at high hill and is the only village in Cinque Terre that cannot accessed by boat. The train station is located down in the sea and hence you will require to climb hundred stairs in order to reach the village. Hence to visit Corniglia, it is much better to hike from Vernazza and reach there.

Take a train to reach Riomaggiore

To reach to Riomaggiore you have to take a train. However, if you look at the map, you will find that you are skipping a beautiful village Manarola, but you can visit the place during sunset.

Riomaggiore is much bigger village, where you can spend more time exploring many things. There is one beautiful place near the Riomaggiore’s waterfront area with a very nice postcard-view that many of you must have seen in various travel brochures.

If you have sufficient time, then you can easily explore this old town and its busy shopping streets. You must also walk on the famous coastal trail via dell’Amore. In this trail, only a small stretch is open to public, which is really very beautiful. You can also go for a drink at one of the local bars in Riomaggiore called A Pie’ di Ma’.

Go to Manarola to see sunset

Try to arrive at Manarola before sunset, so that while walking through the village you can get to the various scenic viewpoints. This is the best place to witness sunset in Cinque-Terre. After enjoying sunset, you can have your dinner at Nessun-Dorma, which is a very good and simple restaurant, from where you can see best views of Manarola. This restaurant does not have reservations and therefore there will be queue to get the seat, especially if there are a lot of visitors.

After dinner, you may take train back to La-Spezia. So, in this way, you can complete your one-day Cinque-Terre visit. As we mentioned earlier there are a number of ways to explore the beautiful coastal area. However, by reading this article you will get an idea about where to start, and also you will know about what are the things that you can see.

You can now make your own plan based on that. It is better to visit during spring or summer season, as it will not get dark soon and you will have more time to explore the place. Visit http://www.tripindicator.com/milan-to-cinque-terre-day-trips.html to get more info about this day-trip.