Importance of Choosing a Good Hair Transplant Clinic

Being the ultimate solution to hair fall and baldness, hair transplant has become an extremely sought after procedure. Which means that numerous clinics and hospitals have mushroomed in the last few years catering to this ‘life-altering’ procedure? While a simple Google search will throw up hundreds and thousands of results for hair transplant clinics, it is important to choose the right one.

Here is why:

Money is not all that matters

There are clinics which spend a lot on marketing and advertising, and offer extremely cheap procedures. But making the decision purely on the cost is not advisable. It is obvious that if a clinic is offering the procedure at throwaway prices, they are cutting corners somewhere. It could be that they don’t have an experienced surgeon or team. That’s not a chance you should be taking on a surgery that has a great influence on how you will look. An inexperienced surgeon can botch the surgery, leave extreme scarring, or may be unable to design an aesthetically appealing hairline.

The skill and experience of the surgeon counts

hair transplant requires great precision. For instance in the FUE procedure, that involves extracting hair follicles one by one from the donor areas of the head, the surgeon has to make thousands of tiny incisions, or punctures on the scalp. This is a job for an experienced surgeon not a novice. The surgeon has to be able to do it in a way that does not cause unnecessary scarring or stress to the scalp. It cannot be any plastic surgeon who can do this, but someone experienced in hair restoration procedures. It is therefore important to choose a clinic with an experienced surgeon.

It’s not just a technical skill, but also artistic

All kind of surgeons need to have a good hand to be able to do sophisticated surgeries with ease. But in the case of hair transplant a sense of aesthetics is important because it concerns a person’s appearance. A good hair transplant surgeon needs the eye of an artist.

They need to ensure, for example, that the grafts are placed in the direction of hair growth so as to achieve a natural-looking hair pattern. The grafts cannot be placed randomly on the scalp; they have to follow the direction of the hair growth, so that the results are aesthetically pleasing.

Creating a perfect hairline is also a difficult skill. It cannot be too low or too high, and it also has to be befitting to the person’s age, the shape of their head, and the shape of their face. The results and the final lookentirely depend on the surgeon’s skill, which makes choosing the clinic with a great surgeon very important.

Teamwork is important

The experience and skill of the team that the surgeon works with has to be taken into consideration as well. Only a team that has worked on multiple procedures can understand the complexity of the procedure. They have to know that a little slip during the surgery can have great impact on the final outcome. The process of the transplant causes stress on the follicular units, which can lead to their failure. The surgeon has to work with a team that can ensure thatthe follicular units are preserved carefully and are not subject to too much air, which can cause desiccation, or extreme dryness of the follicles. The hair transplant in India is done with proper care and attention.

The patient has to choose a clinic carefully, and do their homework thoroughly. Read testimonials, ask the clinic to send before and after photos of the patients, and if possible seek recommendations from people who have had successful surgeries before.