5 Reasons You Should Consider Having Your Surgery Abroad

Did you know that close to one million Americans will this year travel abroad to get cosmetic surgery? For some of these travellers, their medical bills will be catered for by their employers. 

A few years ago, the idea of flying to Poland for a cosmetic surgery would have conjured up all kinds of nightmarish images. But in today’s prevailing climate, travellers no longer have to worry about traveling to Eastern Europe. 

Poland is one of the few countries in Eastern Europe where tourists and travellers can travel to get cosmetic surgery abroad at an affordable cost; learn more. The costs here are a fraction of what one would have paid in Scandinavia, Germany, or Britain. So why should you consider going abroad for your surgery? 

1. Cost-Effective Treatment

The primary reason why many people opt to go abroad for cosmetic surgery is due to its affordability. Patients get to save between 30 to 80% of what they would have spent in a highly developed country. 

Eastern European countries are able to charge less for their services due to the low cost of labour. Low skilled labour costs translate to better savings for the patients. 

2. High-Quality Healthcare

Many doctors, surgeons, and physicians providing healthcare services have received their training in developed nations. A majority have attained their certification and training in countries such as the UK and the US before going back home. 

The medical centres performing these surgeries have in many cases been accredited by international organizations. The International Organization for Standardization, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, and the Joint Commission International are some of the organizations that accredit the medical centres. 

Health centres in Poland get accredited by international organizations as a show of commitment to practicing the highest standards of healthcare. 

3. Increased Air Travel and Communication Services

A majority of the procedures that are being performed abroad can be planned via phone or online. Patients have the flexibility to plan surgery treatments and reserve flight tickets from the comfort of their homes. 

This has helped eliminate the need to visit a clinic for evaluation or assessment, or to even visit a medical centre. The only time that you need to leave your residence is when leaving the country for your surgery

4. Travel Opportunities

Traveling to Poland for cosmetic surgery is often referred to as medical tourism. Even though the main reason why one is traveling is to get medical care, traveling abroad also presents one with an opportunity to visit other countries. 

Your cosmetic procedure should not stop you from visiting local tourist hotspots or checking out the local scenery. 

5. Service Availability

Access to immediate medical care is yet another reason why you should consider going to Poland for your surgery. In the UK and the US, patients at times have to wait for months before their surgery can be scheduled. Additionally, any person who wants to undergo therapy or a procedure that has not been approved by the local healthcare authorities in their home country have to wait in agony before they can get a reprieve. 

Going to Eastern Europe helps to do away with this issue. Here, the patient is always the priority and will be attended to as soon as possible. 


Flying abroad for your cosmetic surgery has a lot more benefits—both direct and indirect. These benefits are all dependent on the patient’s condition. A patient with a far less serious issue will enjoy their time being treated in Poland than those with serious conditions. But generally, the availability of services, quality of healthcare, and affordability are some of the benefits to look forward to on arrival.