Are vibrators for solo use only?

Vibrators are often used by women in the privacy of their bedrooms. But they can be used by couples during sex, or to build up the mood for it.

It’s kept hidden away from the world and used only in the comfort of a woman’s bedroom. Sex toys like vibrators are often a thing of mystery for most people, especially men. However, the toy provided endless pleasure to the user. But if you thought that they are used by women who are unhappy with their sex lives or their sexual partners, think again. Also, they can be used by both partners in the bedroom during or before sex.

What are vibrators?

  • They are sex toys designed to primarily stimulate the genital regions of a woman’s body.
  • The device offers arhythmic, pulsating movement that helps you get aroused for sex or masturbation. Vibrators may be used on other parts of the body as well, in the erogenous zones, to provide more stimulation.
  • The sex toy may have a vibrating head for clitoral stimulation, or ‘wings’ for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Some sex toys in this category are used by inserting inside the vagina, such as a dildo. They simulate the human penis, and feature adjustable speeds and pressure.
  • Most women use vibrators for masturbation. But it is a myth that these sex toys are useful for self-pleasure alone. In fact, they can be used by couples, too.

Why vibrators make for better sex lives

Most men are a little wary of sex toys that women use, mistakenly believing that women who are single or sexually inactive need and use them. Another myth about sex toys is that they help the user achieve orgasm, and are hence, only for those with unfulfilled sex lives.

  • Vibratorsare more about exploring one’s sexuality and body, than simply achieving orgasm.Most women are not even aware of the erogenous zones on their bodies, and that they can be pleasured more in certain ways. The sex toy they use can help them find these answers.
  • However, just because a woman uses a vibrator does not mean that she is unhappy about her sex life, or that her partner does not fulfil her in some way. It just helps her sexual expression a bit more. Her partner should understand that the use of a sex toy is not just about achieving orgasm. It is about overcoming inhibition, increasing arousal for the main act, and exploring one’s sexuality in different ways.
  • Couples can use sex toys together before they get down to sex. The device can help them pleasure each other, while also exploring each other’s bodies and gaining a greater understanding of what works in bed and what doesn’t. If anything, the toy can enhance bonding between the couple and help them have better sex than before.
  • Sex toys can be used with lubricant, especially if it is to provide a massaging action on the body. But be sure to clean the toy properly after use.