Cerec Crowns – A Great Way to Restore Your Beautiful, Confident Smile in Grande Prairie

A vibrant, confident smile is what everyone strives for. In some cases, that is not always possible without visiting a cosmetic dental clinic. There are many ways a dental expert can help you restore the natural state of your teeth, such as dental crowns. However, have you wondered what steps are involved in getting a crown placed on your tooth? Usually, the process takes two days. On the first visit to the clinic, after numbing the area, your dentist grinds your tooth to shape so the temporary crown will fit properly over top of it. Next, an impression of the tooth is sent to a design and manufacturing laboratory, which can take another two to three weeks.

On the second visit, the temporary crown that was placed during the first visit is replaced with a permanent crown. During the period that you wear the temporary dental crown, you must be careful of what you eat. Foods that could stick to the crown and pull it loose are not recommended. However, for many, it is good news that a technology known as Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC), is now available to reduce the number of hours one has to spend in a cosmetic dental clinic.

What is CEREC Technology?

Cerec crowns in Grande Prairie utilize CADD (Computer Aided Drawing and Design) software that has shortened the time required to complete the crown process to one visit. In other words, the Cerec machine does this entire process in about an hour, saving you that second or third visit. Why is the process so fast? The Cerec crown is made with a special CAD machine, hence there’s no impression to take and send to the lab. On the other hand, the crown is also very strong and durable because the material used matches the composition of your natural tooth structure. So when eating extremely hot or cold foods, the crown will expand or contract between the enamel and dentin.

Why do You Need Cerec Crowns in Grande Prairie?

The main reasons you might need a Cerec crown are:

-: Lengthening or straightening a tooth that is broken or decayed.

-: Covering a dental implant or a tooth that is severely discoloured.

-: Reshaping a misshapen tooth.

How Does CEREC Technology Work?

The procedure involves grinding the tooth into the desired shape, taking a 3-D photo of the tooth, sending that information to the 3-D computer, and then that computer commands the CEREC machine to mill the ceramic crown. However, the porcelain material must first be checked to ensure that it matches the rest of your teeth. As a result of the camera-computer and computer-CEREC machine communication, the Cerec crowns in Grande Prairie are more precise than those made in the traditional laboratory. The computer essentially eliminates the possibility of human error.

However, ceramic can be more difficult to work with. As a matter of fact, some laboratory technicians may find it difficult to design accurate, metal-free dental crowns. But the innovation of CEREC technology helps such designers to come up with accurate, tailor-made crowns made of ceramic.