Helpful Tips For Optimal Hip Surgery Recovery

For anyone undergoing hip replacement recovery Richmond,  this can be a very scary and uncertain time. While hip replacement surgery can be a significant improvement for the quality of life of anyone who has the surgery, the recovery process comes with various challenges.

But this doesn’t have to be a difficult and painful time, these hip replacement tips will help to make your post-operative phase go by a lot smoother and without discomfort.

For starters, it’s important to take it slow with pretty much everything. Don’t try to rush back into your normal daily routine, the more gradual and measured you are about your activities, the better off you’ll be to allow yourself to heal completely.

Prep Your Home

Your mobility is going to be greatly impacted and that could make it tough to get around your home. A good way to help assuage this problem is to rearrange some of the furnishings to make it easier to get around. Be sure to do that before you go into surgery, so when you get home everything is already prepared for your arrival.

Sitting and Standing Up

This should be a part of your home preparation. You will need to refrain from sitting or lying in chairs or beds that low to the ground. It’s just going to make it harder for you to get up and this could put more pressure on your hip replacement. Avoid soft furniture that will only be tougher for you to get in and out of easily.

Recruit Help

For the immediate future, you may need some assistance doing routine everyday things that you probably take for granted. That includes preparing meals, bathing, and trying to stay comfortable. Ask friends and family if they can help out for at least the first two or three weeks.

Stay Active

While your doctor is going to instruct you to do things slowly and take it easy, that doesn’t mean that you should plan on becoming entirely immobile either. It’s important that you stay active because the more that you move around on your new hip, the stronger it will become. Your endurance will also increase as well. Just be sure to keep this activity up before you have your operation, as that will also improve your chances of a quick recovery.

Eat Right

A healthy diet is an integral part of optimal his surgery recovery. This is because you won’t be able to move around as often as you normally would otherwise, so you could gain weight due to that lack of activity. Avoid sugars and fatty foods that are only going to pack on the pounds. Weight gain is going to become very important because you don’t want to put additional stress and pressure on the hip replacement you’ve just had put in.

Choose Your Rehabilitation

While recovery is essential, so is your rehabilitation. But will you do that rehab through inpatient services or would you rather do it from the comfort and privacy of your own home. You will need to decide this before-hand, because that will make it much easier for you to participate in the rehabilitation process.