What’s your sex style?

Every person has a different approach and preference when it comes to sex. What are yours?

Sex is a crucial part of your love life. It adds a touch of intimacy and bonding the way nothing else can. And when you do it with a person you really like or love, then it becomes really special.

But if you are in a committed relationship and are less than satisfied with your sex life, it might be time for a change. You could feel disconnected during the act, or even bored from doing the same things over and over again. It might be time to change your sex style, or adapt to your partner’s.

There are different sex styles…

The term ‘sex style’ is not to be confused with the term ‘sex positions’. Your style of sex is indicative of your personality and nature traits, though it can be tricky to predict what somebody’s sex style is just by observing their usual mannerisms and behaviour.

For instance, an exuberant, outgoing personality type may be shy in bed and may find it difficult to communicate what they like. In contrast, a subdued, quietly confident person may be a dominant partner during sex. Still others are aroused only with dirty talk, while others may have a sex style that includes deriving pleasure from pain, i.e. via masochism or sadism.

Just like in love, opposites may attract in terms of sex styles as well. A submissive partner may pair up with a dominant one, and the sex may be fantastic! But if both partners have the same sex style, that may work as well, provided they are able to keep boredom at bay by trying new things every so often.

Then there are different sex positions…

If you feel that you and your partner are losing your spark in the bedroom, it might be time to try a new position.

  • If you have been using the same sex position for months or years, then the lovemaking act is bound to get repetitive after a while. And anything repetitive becomes boring in no time at all! You don’t want sex to become boring – so trying a new sex position can reignite the spark you first felt when for your partner.
  • It takes just a few adjustments and a desire to experiment, to be able to switch it up in the bedroom. But do discuss it with your partner first – they don’t want to be stunned or shocked into silence when you suddenly bust out a new move. Talking about trying something new helps. Your partner might even have a few suggestions of their own.
  • Don’t go into it with high expectations – keep it fun and light, and be able to laugh if the new position goes horribly wrong! There is even space for modifying the position so that both partners are equally comfortable in it. it’s all about finding the right balance between what both partners want and need.
  • Once you start getting familiar and comfortable in the new sex position, you can try the same one in different locations for an added zing.