5 Helpful Tips For Seniors Living With Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is described as the involuntary loss of bladder control (from small leaks to full emptying of the bladder). It is a condition that affects millions of people in the United States and tens of millions worldwide.

Although urinary incontinence can affect people of any age, it is more common in older adults and the elderly. One in five people older than 40 are affected by incontinence or overactive bladder, and at least 50 percent of nursing home residents suffer from incontinence.

Make sure you’re wearing the right protection

Statistics show that up to 80% of people with incontinence are not wearing the right products for them, leading to daily discomfort, disruption of normal everyday activities, and potentially dangerous skin conditions. Avoid skin issues, pressure injuries, and other problems by upgrading to a more absorbent daily incontinence product.

Make it as easy as possible to get to the bathroom

We slow down as we get older, which can make difficult to make it to the bathroom in time when dealing with various forms of incontinence. Make sure there is a clear path to the bathroom in your home. If it’s possible to relocate to a bedroom closest to your bathroom, consider doing so. When in public, always acknowledge where a bathroom is when you arrive in a new place, so you know exactly where to go if the need arises.

Protect furniture and bedding

Incontinence is a common issue in adults over 40, so don’t feel shame if you experience a loss of bladder control before making it to a restroom. Invest in good liners or waterproof underpads to protect your bedding and mattress and prevent leaks from soaking through.

Schedule bathroom breaks

Scheduling your bathroom breaks is a great way to make sure your bladder is emptied in a controlled way, before it’s too late. Schedule trips to the bathroom at specific times of day and stick to the schedule, even when you don’t feel the urge. This will keep your bladder mostly empty and prevent major leaks.

Buy incontinence products online

Incontinence supplies for women and men can be discreetly purchased online to avoid any potential embarrassment at the store. If you are worried about remembering to purchase your products in time, or about running out of products, you can sign up for an autoship subscription with many companies to receive products monthly,