How can Body Temperature Scanners Help with Covid-19?

It seems like there’s no other way to stop the coronavirus except with social awareness. What’s more worrisome is that people obviously have no awareness and they keep on mingling at parties, sit close to each other at buses, and generally ignore the recommendations from the healthcare authorities.

Since people can’t understand the seriousness of the situation, it’s left to authorities to do something about it. State, government, and city officials on one side and the company owners on the other. They need to start doing checks on everyone going outside their home and make sure that they are healthy.

If they are, then great, if they show signs of the diseases, they need to have the right to detain them and call the medics to take them to the hospital where these persons will be quarantined and cured.

What must be done?

As we can see, the only way to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus is to limit the social communication of people. Keeping 6 feet distance is the only way. Read through this link to learn more about the needed precaution measures and what you must do to stay safe.

However, in cities having millions of people, it’s nearly impossible to do something like this. Walking into stores, getting into busses, and working in the same office makes it impossible to maintain the distance all the time.

Everyone must be forced to wear masks and gloves so that they are sure to be safe and keep everyone safe. Also, the officials must start scanning everyone out there and see if someone has a higher temperature. This is a clear sign that they are carrying some kind of a disease, which in these times means Covid-19 in most of the cases.

How to do this?

Since the most critical places are those where a crowd is usually present at one, it means that the sensors must be placed there. The state and city officials will install something like this at the public venues, like bus and train stations, while the business owners will have to do the same for their businesses.

For example, at the door of a supermarket that sees thousands of people daily will be installed the sensor that will alarm whenever someone is walking in with a higher than normal temperature. This person will both not be allowed inside the store and will be transported to a special institution that will examine and make sure that they are not carrying the Corona virus.

How does it work?

It’s really easy to do something like this. For years the temperature sensors are being installed on CCTV cameras. Through the lenses, the camera recognizes who has an unusual temperature. The whole system is backed by highly defined AI software that can track down people’s faces and measure their temperature accurately.

The sensors aim to the spot between the eyes on the forehead where the brain is the closest to the outside and is the most accurately measured. Take a look at for more info on how this is being done and practiced.

How artificial intelligence works?

AI is the latest part of technological breakthroughs that are surely going to make the world a better place to live in. In the future, millions of job positions will be switched by AI robots doing the jobs that humans used to do before. We are facing the new industrial revolution and it is going to be really hard for everyone to cope with it.

However, in a time of a crisis like the one we live in at the moment, it’s important to find all the methods that can be helpful. AI is the only “being” that can scan millions of people at once and in a part of a second without making a mistake. Robots don not do mistakes.

The chance of scams, empathy, and crime are also excluded as the algorithm of the computer won’t allow them to do anything like this. AI computers only have the good side of human behavior, and that is to act according to the law.

We can do a lot more with this technology, but is it the right time to do so? We’ll need to wait a couple of years and find out about this.


Seeing the lines written above, it’s clear that body scanners are the only thing that can help at the moment. Until a cure is developed, there’s nothing else to help in the battle against the invisible enemy.

Setting up scanners everywhere we go and checking out everyone around us is the only way to get a hold on the situation. That way, we can expect things to go back to normal in a couple of months.