Why You Should Consider Buying a Round Trampoline

Over the last few years, trampolines have become as popular as ever and it is easy to see why. They provide great fun for the whole family and everyone can have a go, no matter what age you are! Trampolines are also great for exercise, helping to provide a fun way to shred those pounds and to get a healthier life style. But choosing the right size and shape trampoline can prove tricky. What size would suit my family? Does shape affect the bounce or performance of the trampoline?

If choosing the right shape is important to you, circular trampolines are a great place to start. Round trampolines have always been the traditional shape for homeowners, where square trampolines have been mainly in use for sports events such as the Olympics.

There are a lot of benefits to owning a round trampoline, the first (which may be the most important to you) is the affordability of round trampolines. Because they are more common, they are typically more affordable. Round trampolines also have a bounce sweet spot which is typically in the middle of the trampoline. Bouncing on this area can result in bigger and better bounces!

If you are a gym-goer you may have noticed that most urban rebounding trampolines are round, this is because you also get a more consistent bounce which helps to absorb most of the force and lessens the impact on your body. Urban rebounding classes have been a very popular way of exercising for quite a while now and continue to help people to lose weight and increase fitness levels.

The kind of trampoline you bounce on can also have an effect on how you exercise and bounce. Typical metal spring trampolines can often mis-shape which can result in an imperfect bounce and this can lead to injuries if it is not sorted out or fixed. Other kind of trampolines such as the Springfree Trampoline use special rods which can not be miss-shaped and will not break. At the end of the day, buying a trampoline for your family is a big decision and you should also take into consideration how it will fit and look in your home garden.

Some people opt for an in-ground trampoline, which can help with hiding the trampoline away but this comes at a cost as there will typically not be an enclosure involved which can result in a greater chance of injury for the family. So, it is important to find a trampoline that ensures the safety for the whole family.

If you have recently bought a trampoline, let us know which trampoline you found worked well for your family.