Anavar Benefits and Stacking

Anavar (oxandrolone) is one of the mildest yet safest anabolic steroids. It is known as one of the best steroid for cutting, compared to other steroids Anavar is mild and most users prefer to stack it with other supplements to enhance gains. Trenbolone is actually considered by many to be the most effective steroid when it comes to building muscle quickly and increasing strength. This puts it at the other end of the spectrum when compared with Anavar, so Anavar stacked with Trenbolone can give even more incredible results.

Uses of Anavar

  • As a therapeutic agent, Anavar has proved to be effective for treating Osteoporosis by promotion of bone density.
  • Anavar has also proven to be effective for treating hepatitis, as well as promoting growth and development in children who lack the necessary hormone production.
  • Anavar is used by many athletes and body builders to become more toned and vascular due to its low water retention ability.
  • It is one of the mildest yet safest out of all anabolic steroids as is very well tolerated by women.

Anavar Cycle

An Anavar cycle is best suited for cutting process or dieting phase, although it is not as potent as other steroids, but it can have a positive effect that is present in a mild form. An Anavar cycle during a cutting diet phase can greatly aid in preserving lean tissue while on a calorie restricted diet as well as increase total metabolic activity; further, when lean enough it can give a physique a bit of a harder appearance.

Stacking Anavar

Stacking of steroids is a common method where steroids are used in combination in order to enhance the benefits. Stacking Anavar will prove to be very different depending on the sex of the individual, but regardless of bulking or cutting the total stacks will not change to a large degree.

Stacking with Anavar for a male:

For males Anavar is primarily used during the cutting cycle, stacking it with testosterone is a good idea. Although Anavar does not suppress testosterone is the same degree but it still does happen, adding testosterone to the stack will both counteract this and will intensify the results of the cycle.During cutting cycle Anavar is excellent for preserving lean muscle tissue while promoting fat burning, hence men will want to add other high quality steroids. Anavar stacked with Trenbolone will give the desired effect during the cutting phase.

Stacking with Anavar for a female:

As Anavar is mild, females gain more benefits from it than males. Women are more sensitive to Anavar hence they will gain a significant amount of lean muscle tissue even at very low doses. Anavar can make all the difference in her success, taking her physique from one that is merely pleasing to one that is absolutely striking. It still should be used with caution as it can produce side effects such as voice deepening, facial or body hair, however these tend to diminish after discontinuing the usage.

Anavar is the most popular anabolic steroid market drug that produces massive strength gains and it tones up the muscle. However, stacking Anavar correctly with other steroids produces even better results,