Customized Knee Replacement, A Marketing Gimmick

Knee Replacement in India

Also called as Knee Arthroplasty is a surgical procedure to substitute painful surface of the joint of the knee to relive lack of stableness and painfulness. With the advancement in technology, the substitute knee is customized according to the patients’ not only medical need but personal satisfaction needs.

21st century astounds everyone with innovation and changes on every new morning. With the availability of options to get knee customized, that not only absorb patients’ attention, but also provide them with the sense of satisfaction and a positive attitude to look forward to knee replacement. Surgical procedures have not limited it selves to just delivering the “required” services, every day a new endeavour is undertaken to add value to the life of a patient.  There is one MedTech company that provides joint replacement implants customized to fit each candidate’s anatomy. It has announced a publication of a consecutive study that compares the adverse event with respect to rated and cost of Total Knee Arthroplasty.

Benefits of Customized Knee Replacement in India

Lower transfusion rates, fewer adverse events, reduced need for discharge to a rehabilitation facility or post-acute care facility

The treatment with a customized implant lead to lower transfusion rates, fewer adverse events and reduced need for discharge to a rehabilitation facility or post-acute care facility.  Also, the improved outcomes among patients treated with customized implants were achieved without increasing overall costs and that post-discharge costs were significantly lower among patients treated with customized implants. Patients treated with customized total knee implants achieve better outcomes on several important measures without increasing real hospital costs and while reducing the average total cost of the episode of care and the average cost of follow-up care.

There are millions of Knee Replacement healthcare providers in India, so to grab the attention of patients the only way is to improve the success rate of the medical journey of patients and to endeavour new techniques to make it simpler, pocket-friendly yet best service for customers that are the patients. Hospitals like MAX, Fortis, BLK, Medanta and Gleneagles Global in India are the best. The advantages of getting treated in those hospitals include best healthcare professionals, excellent services and adoption & practice of innovative technologically advanced methodologies.