Detoxing from Oxycodone: How Long Will It Take?

Oxycodone detox in a professional detox center is usually necessary for those who have become dependent on the drug. Without professional treatment, dangerous outcomes can occur during the withdrawal syndrome, such as dehydration, depression, and relapse. But how long should you expect oxycodone detox to take, and what length of time will best suit your recovery?

According to, there are three main types of professional oxycodone detox: rapid detox, tapering or medication assisted treatment, and medical detox. The former usually takes only a few days, as the patient is sedated during the process and withdrawal is triggered. This is meant to make the whole process of detox take as little time as possible. Medication assisted treatment or tapering, on the other hand, can sometimes take several weeks or longer. Because the patient is either being stabilized on the drug or slowly weaned off the drug, this process takes time in order for it to occur as safely as possible. The final version of detox, medical detox, usually takes about a week or so for oxycodone addicts. This is because they are treated for their withdrawal symptoms with medications and other options as they detox in a natural timeline.

Whichever of these options you choose, it is much safer to seek professional detox treatment for oxycodone dependence. If you choose to go through the process at home, you can risk many serious side effects as well as relapse, which is much more likely to occur in those who detox on their own.