Do I need to prepare before Deviated Septum Surgery?

Well, I believe if you are looking for what do you need to do before the surgical procedure, how you need to prepare yourself physically and mentally, you are already in pain from obstructed nasal flow or chronic sinusitis, or maybe sleep apnoea resulting from deviated septum. The treatment of nasal septum deviation helps with all such disorders. If you are one of those who are already suffering and reside in Bangalore, taking an advanced surgical procedure to relieve the symptoms is all that you need. We suggest you consult with an expert surgeon at a modern clinic for advanced surgical treatment.

We will shed light on the preparations, as well as how can you treat the condition in no time with modern scientific treatments and end your dependence on medicines. Before that discuss the scenario that you need to understand and what does surgery entail?

Why do some people have crooked septum?

To tell you the truth, there is a wall between the left and right sides of the nose, the same is known as the nasal septum. It is covered with skin and has ample blood vessels in it. The septum lies at the center so that the left and right sides of the nose pass the same amount of air. However, the story is different for most of us. But, it goes unnoticed for a lot of cases. Based on a lot of research, it was found that nasal septum is a little off-center for nearly 80% of people. The slightly bent or crooked septum commonly does not problems, but when the deviation is severe, the same may lead to chronic nasal sickness, recurrent infections, as well as breathing disorders.

Patients of deviated septum feel airflow pattern differently than those with the normal nose. The same is a result of one bigger side of the nose from another. It also causes sinus openings to get blocked triggering a sinus infection that may last for a long time. The altered airflow pattern may cause the skin of the nasal septum to become dry and cracked leading to frequent nosebleeds.

How does deviated septum impact on everyday life?

A lot of people are born with a deviated septum as the nose decided to develop that way before birth. Alternatively, nasal septum deviation may be caused by an injury to the nose. In a lot of cases, a blow to one side of the nose during contact sports, playground games, or a traffic accident, resulting in nasal septum deviation. I have an interesting story today for you. I have a cousin who needed surgery for deviated septum Bangalore. When he was in his teens, he was involved in an accident. It was minor though, but, alas, his septum was hurt as well as some part of the jaw.

“He told me when he started working in Bangalore, now he has a way of getting his septum fixed surgically. He can take an advanced surgical procedure and get relief from nasal flow obstruction. He mentioned that his face was hurt and there was no way he could have fixed it earlier. But, since he was also suffering from chronic sinus, and the treatments are doctor recommended, he is taking the same.

He added that the treatment is said to be done within 1-2 hours and in almost all the cases, the patients are allowed to go home the same day.”

Your surgeon must be experienced!

An ENT specialist or an expert surgeon may look at the nose and the position of the nasal septum. The doctor will conduct the diagnosis using a bright light with an instrument that gently spreads open your nostrils to inspect the inside surface of each nostril.

Avoiding a deviated septum is quite difficult but it can be prevented by avoiding injury to the nose. Take extra precaution regarding the nose, use seat belts and shoulder harnesses whenever you ride in a car and well-fitting headgear to protect your face during contact sports.

Preparations before advanced treatments of Nasal Septum Deviation

Before getting the surgical procedure for a deviated septum which is called septoplasty, you must discuss the benefits and risks of the surgery. The consultation must include:

  • Your ENT specialist needs to ask questions about your medical history, conditions you have or have had in the past, as well as any current medications that you are using
  • Your ENT specialist will conduct a physical examination, including any testing of allergies; the ENT specialist may inspect your skin, the inside and outside of your nose
  • A healthcare professional or a team member from your ENTs office may take photographs of your nose from different angles
  • The ENT specialist may use the photos for discussion before septoplasty, the advanced surgical procedure, for reference during and after surgery

A discussion of your expectations, changes, after-care; your doctor should tell you what septoplasty can and can’t do for you and what your results might be.

Improve the shape of your nose and enjoy the smooth nasal flow

There are cases where patients have found relief from the symptoms of illness or disorders that were resulting from nasal septum deviation. But, if the aforementioned treatments fail to deliver desired results, undergoing surgical procedures is what a patient needs. Deviated septum surgery may only take an hour or so, but the patient is monitored for a couple of hours after the procedure. They may be given general anesthesia and the best thing about the modern surgical procedure is that complications rarely occur, and the patient usually can go home the same day as the surgery.

If patients are sick or have a fever the day before surgery, they need to call the doctor’s office. If they get sick on the day of surgery, they may be allowed to proceed with the surgical facility as planned for evaluation at the doctors’ discretion.

Does it affect differently for kids?

In cases of a kid younger than 15 – 16 years of age, an ENT specialist may suggest waiting until the kid’s nose has finished growing. In a lost of cases, boys need to wait a bit longer than girls as they finish growing a little later.

Make an appointment asap to consult with your doctor if you keep having nosebleeds or if you have a blocked nostril or a sinus infection that does not respond to simpler treatment. Ask your ENT doctor more about advanced surgical procedures and daycare treatments.

Life and after-care of deviated septum treatment

The quality of life after modern daycare surgical procedures has improved for a lot of patients. They hardly experienced any limitations in their day-to-day life due to nasal problems. Nasal airflow has significantly increased after the operation. The patients had fewer nasal symptoms, fewer colds, breathed more easily and slept better; also the advantages are long-term.