Do you have any mysophobia?

Test Guide:

Mysophobia is a pathological fear of contamination and germs. There is nothing wrong with cleanliness, but pay too much attention to cleanliness that affects normal life or interpersonal communication is not promoted. This is a matter of cleanliness. Do you have any cleanliness? Let’s test it.

Begin the Test:

It suppose that you go to a business trips and go to stay in a hotel. Where did you first focus on the hotel?

  1. Front desk staff fingers
  2. Hotel’s glasses
  3. Floors

Test Result:

Choose A:   Obviously, you are worried if the finger clean or not when it touches your identity document. So, you have serious mysophobia. Severe obstruction is a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder and requires help from a psychiatrist!

Choose B:   You are a person who attaches great importance to details and likes to be clean. Therefore, at some point, you may have some slight cleanliness, but it is not serious. As long as there is a conscious correction, it can be improved.

Choose C:   Congratulations, you don’t have the possibility of getting mysophobia. Your character is quite embarrassed and you don’t pay much attention to detail. Although you are not a type of person, you do not pay too much attention to sanitary conditions.