Do You Know Why Removal of Amalgam Waste Is So Important?

As of late there have been growing concerns about mercury pollution in the environment. When proper research was conducted, it was established that Dental clinics are the significant source of amalgam waste (containing mercury) and thereafter strict regulations have been imposed on all these dental clinics to install suitable amalgam separators in their clinic so that mercury can be separated from other wastes at their clinic.

As a matter of fact, not only for mercury but also for any other metal waste there should be proper measures used so that it will not damage the environment. Chemical wastes from different industries must be properly treated before they are discharged through the drain. This will not only protect the ecosystem, but also protect us from permanent harm to the humanity.

Unfortunately, quite often in dental practices, amalgam is not properly disposed of. Therefore, all dental clinics need to be enforced to take suitable measures of disposal of their amalgam waste. Since 90s it was identified that amalgam discharge is poisoning the fishes present in the sea and the sea environment is getting polluted significantly. Besides mercury there are many other metal wastes also present in the sea that is destroying the environment.

Let us now discuss in this article why amalgam should be disposed of properly and amalgam recycling is used to prevent continued pollution of the environment.

  • Environmental improvement

Proper disposal of all the metals that are flowing down into sea is necessary as various metals may react with amalgam waste and create a poisonous environment that can affect microorganisms. This can really create havoc in the ecosystem and therefore it is necessary that all the waste outputs be properly managed so that we can achieve a significant reduction in pollution rates.

  • To reduce mercury poisoning

Dental amalgam contains mercury in a solidified form, though it cannot be termed as traditional mercury, it can however have an effect as lethal as mercury. After imposing various restrictions by environment protection activists, exposure to mercury is forecasted to be reduced considerably. Therefore, proper disposal of amalgam waste is very important.

  • Is there really less risk with these restrictions and extra focus on disposal?

Debate is still going on whether amalgam is really responsible for mercury poisoning which is affecting marine life and also our source of drinking water. However, it is still better to handle amalgam waste in careful manner so that chances of harm can be greatly reduced. Dental amalgam if gets contact with any other metals present can create lots of complications.

  • Your business may look better

Nowadays there is plenty of awareness about environment protection and keeping in view of that if your business uses green practices then you are doing great service to the society and your business brand will be positively effected by any efforts to protect the environment.