Excellent outcomes from the usage of Anadrol

Anadrolor Oxymetholoneis regarded as a powerful anabolic-androgenic steroid which is a perfect performance enhancing compound when you desire for a drug to augment the production and urinary discharge of erythropoietin minus common side effects. This medication is ranked as one among the finest steroids that promote red blood cells count and protect your joints during intense workouts or under heavy loads. This steroid is rated as next to Dianabol as a bodybuilding compound. Furthermore, it has remarkable medical importance especially for treating anemia and recently to assist in maintaining thin body mass among HIV-compromised patients.

Anadrol-50 tablets are indicated for treating anemia that is caused by a shortage of the production of red blood cells. Additionally, this medication is useful in treating problems like myelofibrosis, acquired aplastic anemia, hypoplasticanemias and congenital aplastic anemia. However, it should be remembered that this medication ought not to substitute other supportive measures like folic acid, pyridoxine deficiency, transfusion, antibacterial therapy, correction of iron, vitamin B12 and correct usages of corticosteroids. Oxymetholone steroid is habitually sold under trade names such as Oxybol 50 mg, Anapolon 50, Anadrol and Oxy 50. Oxybol injection therapy helps to protect and strengthen joints and raise oxygen production to your muscles.

Duration of taking Oxybol 50mg

In the first week of a typical cycle, you should take 50mg of this medication daily, in week 2 you should take 75mg of this medication per day, from weeks 3-6 you should take 100mg each day and from weeks 6-12 you ought to take 70 mg Anavar per day. This cycle is also effective like, from weeks 1-4 you should take 50mg of Oxymetholone daily and from weeks 1-6 you need to take 50mg Anavar each day. As a substitute, you can even try, from weeks 1-4 50mg of this medication daily and 40mg Dianabol, in the fifth week 30mg Dianabol and 50mg of this medication each day and in the week 6th 30mg of Dianabol daily.

Recommended dosages

This steroid is a common medication for both the genders. However, this medication is hugely popular with the bodybuilders and female elite athletes as it successfully promotes superb improvements in protein synthesis, aggression, body strength, nitrogen retention and heights of muscle mass. Male athletes take this medication in regular dosages of 1-5 mg/kg of their bodyweight. There are few female athletes who prefer to take this medication in dosages of 1-2mg/kg of their bodyweight each day. This medication is commonly stacked with Nandrolone, Testosterone and Boldenone by strength athletes and bodybuilders.

However, it is vital to remember to use antiestrogens, like Nolvadex instantly after finishing or towards the finishing of a cycle that involves this medication only. Nolvadex is effectual to prevent estrogenic side effects like bloating, oily skin and reinstating the manufacturing of naturally-occurring hormone testosterone. As this medication is commonly produced in 50mg tablets, for the purposes of bodybuilding and athletic, a dosage of 25-50mg daily is recommended for a beginner. An intermediate user should take dosages between 50 and 100mg each day and advanced users take a higher dosage like 150mg daily. Oxybol injection therapy has considerably higher rating compared to an analogous dosage of testosterone.