I’m Done Letting Heroin Run My Life. What Do I Do Now?

Every day, your heroin addiction is costing you something important. Most days, it may just be money, but others, it could be something even more precious—and something you may not be able to get back. If you are done letting heroin ruin your life, check out this new study from Detox.com to find out how much your substance abuse is affecting you and how you can put an end to it.

About 435,000 people regularly use heroin in the United States and more than 4.8 million have admitted to using it at least once. Sadly, this number is growing. This is largely because of the prescription opioid abuse crisis and how many individuals who started out misusing these medications turned to heroin when they realized it was cheaper. Though the latter substance is only $15 to $20 per dose, people who are dependent will need more than one every 24 hours. This is probably how you have wound up spending more than $200 a day on the drug.

Heroin is also costing you other important things as it continues to run your life. For example, many users lose their loved ones to the drug as well as their jobs and financial security. You could even lose your freedom if you are arrested for possession, and this outcome could wind up costing you more than $50,000 in fines. Heroin abuse can also cost you when you need to seek treatment in a hospital. For those who overdose and take an ambulance to the local emergency department, hospital bills can be upwards of $5,000 or more.

You can now see how this dangerous drug of abuse has taken over every aspect of your life and is chipping away at everything you have earned: your money, your relationships, your professional life, and even your health. What must you do when you decide that enough is enough?

There are many different treatment options for narcotic addicts in this day and age, which is extremely helpful. Most people choose to seek heroin detox first in order to put an end to their dependence on this drug. Once they are able to get through withdrawal in a safe and secure environment surrounded by medical professionals, they can transition into addiction treatment in the form of either inpatient or outpatient care. If this sounds like an effective choice for your recovery, it’s time to ask for help.

You shouldn’t expect yourself to get over addiction alone, no matter how long you have been using. Without the proper treatment, this can be extremely dangerous and potentially lead to relapse. However, if you seek help starting with detox and then make the transition into rehab, you can build a solid foundation for your recovery based on the life skills you will need to avoid turning back to this life-ruining drug.

Don’t let heroin take anything else away from you. If you seek treatment today, you can begin your recovery safely and never lose anything again to the ravages of addiction.