Pros and Cons of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty- ‘nose reshaping’ or ‘nose job’ is known for enhancing the facial harmony. Apart from altering the proportions of your nose, physiological defects such as breathing problem (Apnea), snoring, repetitive sneezing, mild to severe failure of the ability to smell and nose bleeding which were earlier problematic issues can also be resolved. One should go for realistic expectations rather imitating any other person (may be a celebrity). Before undergoing a surgery a few things have to keep in mind in order to reduce the chances of any risk of infection.

Image Source: AK Clinics

Following are some pros of Rhinoplasty:

  • Balance: Nose is an important feature of the face which helps to add a particular appearance to an individual. A celebrity need not make efforts to reshape the nose because their appearances have already been acknowledged with that same nose profile. Whereas with non-famous people like us, big noses may not seem to set as desired to be acknowledged by ourselves or others. Appearance will go down if there is imbalance between orientation of nose and face.
  • Improved nasal airflow: Various breathing issues can be solved after undergoing rhinoplasty. There are so many structures which are present in the nose and contribute to the normal breathing. Trauma from a blow to the face, weight lifting and running induced sports activities cause deviation to nasal septum. Some other inferior turbinates (if in large) are different set of structures that cause obstruction in nasal airflow which may result in physiological disorders like apnea, snorting etc.
  • Huge boost to Self image and confidence: As a resultant of constant bullying people suffer from self-esteem or self image issues. Positive changes to the appearance of nose might prove a boon in their lives. A huge boost up in self confidence of an individual will be found.
  • Nose profile: Nose-size, Nose-width at the bridge, size and position of nostrils, humps and depressions over the bridge are some of the aspects which have to be considered in ‘Nose profile’. Unevenness in any of these dimensions may result in deterioration in nasal or nose profile. Large and upturned nasal tip is the major part of nasal symmetry. Scars or marks on the nose can also be counted to add asymmetry to nose.

Cons for Rhinoplasty are:

  • Thick skin: The thickness or sebaceous increment decreases the accuracy to achieve desired results. This will add to the limitations of the rhinoplasty of an individual owing thick skin. One can say that sculpting with thick skin is quite difficult.
  • Unrealistic expectations: No to imitations of celebrities or any other person. Please do not bring photographs of any other person to the surgeon. Little nasal asymmetry is with every individual and it is acceptable. No one is perfect. One should not undergo rhinoplasty just for the sake of self image and unrealistic expectations.
  • Nasal septal perforations: This procedure has sometimes resulted in perforations within nasal septal. In this case one should be patient enough to undergo multiple sittings. This have a tendency to contribute to nasal bleeding. If small perforation is present then chances are there that even patient is not aware about this (except a whistling noise while breathing hard) whereas if perforation is large formation of crust with the collected mucus is observed.
  • Difficulty in breathing: Light bleeding from the nose, stiffness or may be termed as blocked nose are some of the expected cons after the rhinoplasty. This will cause difficulty in breathing immediately after the surgery which will go by its own. As the wounds made during surgery get better with the passage of time difficulty in breathing will be reversed.
  • Skin discoloration, swelling and scar: Rhinoplasty may result in skin discoloration and swelling of the nasal region on the face. There are major chances of the presence of mild bruising on the nose and around the eyes. The severity of all above mentioned physiological defects may vary from mild to severe.
  • Possibility of revision surgery: Too much can’t be changed at once or in one sitting. In such cases revision rhinoplasty is quite possible. That is why it is said that stick to the realistic expectations regarding the procedure.

Prefer to discuss all the questions (pros and cons) regarding the surgery prior the consent to be filled for the surgery. It would be appreciable if this query is done directly to the surgeon.