When it comes to snacking, energy bars have established its niche and proven it prowess to keep you healthy and fit. No doubt energy bars are ideal replacement to all the other sugar and fat filled junk and are indeed a true haven for people wanting to eat healthy.

When we go back to the history energy bars were restricted to the sport enthusiast and the athletes but with changing times the energy bars are for all those you value health and want to preserve theirs. With this drift in the market of energy bars, the production to match the demand led to many new brands to come up with many different types of bars.

There are various types of bars -the high protein bar, the low calorie bar, the meal replacer bar etc, A bar to suit your each and every need and meet all your fitness goals.  But with all the shiny packaging and hype product claims, selecting an ideal energy bar is something that needs discretion and knowledge.


The healthiest energy bars are made up of natural ingredients and genuine companies with an honest product do actually stick to the natural and organic ingredients in their nutrition bars or energy bars. Then on the other hand we have companies that mask a sugar filled candy as an energy bar to up their scales, misleading the consumer.

Energy bar,  the real one are made up of healthy, wholesome food ingredients that nourishes your body and  energizes you for the day, providing the ease and portability of enjoying a healthy snack anywhere and anytime.

Let’s see the ingredients commonly used in healthiest energy bars and why.

  1. OATS

Most bars use whole grain cereals and oats by far is found in majority of bars. Oats provide the valuable fiber and more essentially the soluble fiber, which has been proven to help manage blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, promote satiety and also help lose weight. Energy bars with oats are a simple and fun way to add oats to the diet, where in you enjoy a tasteful snack with the goodness of oats.


Granola is a very popular snack or breakfast food. It is made up of oats, nuts, honey and puffed rice. Granola based energy bars are best as meal replacer bars or breakfast bars for people to busy to sit down for a wholesome lunch. They are also ideal for hikers, camper and trekkers to keep healthy food handy without cumbersome luggage to carry.

Granola is highly nutritious and helps promote weight loss, improves heart health, helps against anemia and also aids in digestions. In all granola is a real food and energy bar with granola, more of nutrition bar providing all the healthful nutrients.


Fruits just make the whole energy bar deal even better. Most commonly found excuse for why people don’t eat fruit is lack of time. Obviously carrying a fruits to your office or while travelling for work is not always feasible so we end up missing on the fruit nutrition. But imagine having fruit in your bar, solves your problem right?

In addition, fruits and dried fruits our natures on sweet treat for us, with lot of nutrients and antioxidant that offers myriads of health benefits.

Energy bars with dried fruits or fruits are sweet treats you can enjoy without the guilt and are always a wise choice compared to other candy filled bars and munchies.

  1. NUTS

Nuts add a nice crunch to the energy bars. They bring with it wealth of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and the good omega.  Almonds, walnuts, pecan, pine nuts, hazel nuts and many more in your bar make them the best for you.

  1. SEEDS

Seeds though tiny in size but provide big nutrition. They are tiny powerhouses which provide bountiful nutrients to boost your immunity, help lose weight, protect against lifestyle diseases. They are packed with proteins, fiber, antioxidants and several vitamins and minerals to nourish your body.

Energy bar you select should be made with real food and out there if your screen through the hype and fancy packaging you will find some really good and amazing energy bars with real food ingredients.