Understanding Shoulder Injuries and how to Treat Them

Among the most common shoulder problems is the rotator cuff problem. In the United States alone, close to eight million people reported a shoulder injury one year ago, and half of these injuries were related to the rotator cuff. Another common thing about shoulder injuries is that they are caused by the same factors which are athletic activities. In most cases, they involve repetitive actions. Most of the injuries to the shoulder have been reported when swimming, playing football and tennis, weight lifting and even when pitching. However, normal activities and accidents can also result to shoulder injuries. Normal activities that can lead to shoulder injuries include gardening, hanging curtains, walking and washing. For more information about should injuries, visit http://www.shouldermd.com/.

Indication of a shoulder injury
Feeling pain in your shoulder is not always a guarantee that you are suffering from a shoulder injury. However, these three tasks should help you decide whether you are suffering from a shoulder injury. First, determine whether your shoulder is stiff. This can be determined by checking out whether your shoulder can rotate freely. Another indication that you might be having a shoulder injury is the feeling of a shoulder sliding out of its socket. Finally, lack of strength on the shoulder to carry out general tasks is an indication that you might be having a shoulder injury.

More about shoulder injuries
Those who have ever suffered a shoulder injury will tell you that it touches on the tendons, ligaments and muscles. This is unlike the notion that it involves the bones around the shoulder. Initially, it is possible to ignore the pain, but it persists with time making it difficult to carry out simple tasks. Experts who specialize in shoulder injuries are referred to as orthopedic surgeons, and they classify shoulder injuries into two categories. There are the instability and the impingement.

Instability and impingement
Impingement is a minor injury that results in shoulder joints moving from their normal position. This is often treated as a dislocation and is characterized by extreme pain when raising an arm. This injury is also characterized by the feeling of the shoulder slipping out of its normal position. Impingement, on the other hand, is a more serious shoulder injury that involves acromion rubbing with the shoulder muscles resulting in extreme pain. When this condition is not treated immediately, it results in more serious and painful injuries.

Common treatments for shoulder injuries
First, the treatment method used for your injury is determined by the type of the injury and the extent of the injury. Health professionals will tell you that early detection of a shoulder injury is key to the treatment method sought. The first treatment method used in treating shoulder injuries is basic shoulder strengthening. This method involves the use of an elastic tubing on the shoulder. The second method used is the wall push-ups method. The third method is referred to as shoulder press ups and should be performed at least twice a day. Anti-inflammatory medication can also be used to treat shoulder injuries.