What Is Buprenorphine Treatment?

Opioid drug addiction is, unfortunately, a large problem for many people in the United States. However, while a dependency on opioids is a serious issue, it does not have to permanent life experience. There are treatment options available to help you fight your addiction and achieve the lifestyle you want. The treatment facilities in the Portland, OR, area offers a variety of treatment methods for a variety of different addictions. One method for opioid addiction is buprenorphine treatment.

What Is Buprenorphine?

Buprenorphine is technically also an opioid, but it is not as strong as other opioids or drugs. Unlike stronger opioids like heroin or morphine, it is much weaker. When used in the proper, controlled amounts, buprenorphine is a safe and effective treatment option to reduce an opioid dependency. In fact, this treatment method for addiction is even approved by the FDA!

When buprenorphine is used for treatment, it helps combat withdraw symptoms or side effects. One of the common side effects it tackles are the cravings associated with reducing or stopping opioid use. Not only does this help keep you on track with your recovery journey, but this may help you keep motivated to stay in treatment.

What Could I Expect from Treatment?

Using buprenorphine treatment is part of a larger scale inpatient drug treatment portland or service. Just like each person and situation is unique, each treatment path is unique. What is prescribed to you will vary for your needs and where you are dependency journey. Buprenorphine is not typically prescribed immediately during your treatment, but more so after you are in a moderate withdraw period.

An inpatient treatment does not rely just on prescriptions; services also include counseling and education groups. Treatment for opioid addiction is not reliant just on the choice and dedication to not using, but also relies on improvement in the other areas of your life. With resources like the education groups and counseling, you are provided with more tools you need to provide stability in your life.

What Is Life Like After Treatment?

Following your inpatient treatment, you will likely be referred to an outpatient treatment center. The resources at these outpatient centers are similar to those at other inpatient facilities in Portland. These facilities can help you find the best center for you and your needs, and they can help refer you to doctors or other specialists to help you on your journey.

Recovering from an opioid dependency is not an easy journey, but there are resources and methods available to help you along the way. While there are medications available to help reduce the effects of removing opioids from your life, one of the most important things to have is a strong support system. While there is qualified staff in Portland that is there to help you and support you, but it is also a good idea to surround yourself with family and friends who support you. No two journeys to recovering are the same, and these facilities are prepared to help with yours.