What Does An Orthodontist Do?

Sometimes, people use the dentist and orthodontists interchangeably, but that is not correct.

A dentist keeps your teeth clean. He works to try and prevent any problems with your teeth. Also, he treats and any malformations or diseases of your gums and teeth. He replaces decayed parts with fillings or crowns. If the tooth can’t be salvaged, he will extract it. He has a wide medical specialty dealing with teeth, gums, jaws, and nerves.

An orthodontist is a specialist that corrects bites, occlusions and straightens teeth.

All orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are orthodontists

An orthodontist actually completes dental school, but he continues his education to become a specialist. To graduate from dental school, the student attends four years of classes. Most students stop there and start practicing as a dentist. To become an orthodontist, the student goes on another 2 to 3 years of classes. Basically, the orthodontist has twice the education as the dentist.

An orthodontist prevents and treats dental and facial irregularities. They treat patients of all ages. He realigns and alters the position of teeth with dental appliances.

Also, he designs treatment plans for each patient. As you know, everyone’s mouth is different. He studies x-rays that the dentist has taken, medical history and then makes a plaster model of the patient’s teeth.

When the dentist refers you to the orthodontist Chandler AZ, it’s not a bad thing. You just have some issues with your mouth or teeth. You might have too many teeth or a gap between your teeth. The orthodontist will try to pull your teeth together or possibly extract some teeth for better spacing.

Basically, the orthodontist is fixing your teeth’s posture so they sit up straight and nice. The tool he uses most for that is braces.

This process doesn’t happen immediately. He bonds brackets on the front of each tooth. Then, the bands connect to them by wires. Over time, this will pull your teeth into a straight position.

If he doesn’t think that braces are what you need, he might just give you an aligner. This is called Invisalign. With this, you don’t have the metal showing on your teeth so it’s hard to see from a distance.

The most common reason a patient is sent to the orthodontist is because of overbites and underbites. The orthodontist will inspect your mouth and decide the best route to take to fix the problem.

If you are referred for braces, the first visit you will receive x-rays and diagnosis. Second, he will put the brakes on. Then, you will visit about once a month for him to tighten, change bands or whatever he needs to do. About 1 to 3 years later, the braces will be removed and your teeth will be straight. He will give you a retainer to use to keep your teeth straight. If you don’t wear the retainer, you have wasted all this time with braces. Your teeth will go back to the crooked position.

An orthodontist mainly sees children, but adults get braces too. However, it’s important for children to get proper jaw growth to help permanent teeth come incorrectly. When permanent teeth come in straight, it will prevent problems later on.

Have you seen people that barely smile or hold their hands in front of their mouths when they do smile? That is their self-esteem over their teeth. Orthodontists can help with that by making their teeth straight and beautiful. They will want to smile to show off the work he has done.

You will be welcomed at the orthodontist Chandler AZ. . Remember, he has your best interest at heart.