3 Types of Premiere Oral Care that Top Dentists Perform

The standard of oral care varies from dentist to dentist even for highly experienced ones. Not all of them keep up with the latest techniques or use state-of-the-art technology to perform advanced oral surgeries like newer dental implant procedures or removing unsafe fillings and replacing them with safer ones.

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To learn more about the better options so you can become an informed consumer, here are several useful oral care procedures that the top dentists like to perform.

All-on-Four Dental Implants

All-on-Four dental implants is a newer technique for adding teeth to replace missing ones along the gumline.

Dentures have their limits. They solve the problem of missing teeth after it’s been necessary to extract them, but they actually cause a decline in bone density. The jaw can suffer from a weakening too. Dental implants are often a better solution.

With dental implants, a titanium screw acts are a replacement for the root. The screw gets inserted into the jawbone using proper surgical techniques. Then a crown is added using prosthetic material to create the realistic appearance of a normal tooth.

Finding a suitable dentist surgery to perform this procedure isn’t easy. We’d recommend considering Elite Dentistry of Simi Valley, California because they use the latest technology and best techniques to create a flawless smile. They also have plenty of past and present images to see their client’s dental work which gives a lot of confidence in their oral care services.

Porcelain Veneers

A porcelain veneer is a stainless white covering that fits over an existing tooth. It’s a commonly used technique when a tooth is chipped in a car accident or a fall. An uneven set of teeth can also be adjusted in appearance using veneers to even out their length or shape to make the smile appear more even throughout.

For instance, many movie stars get veneers to create a movie star smile. The actor Ben Affleck had veneers put on when he starred in the Sci-Fi movie, Armageddon and other actors and actresses have since followed suit. Veneers last 1-2 decades and remain stainless because the porcelain has a protective coating added.

Silver Toxic Filling Removal

Some filings were previously made from silver and contained mercury. Mercury is now considered a health risk if the filling comes apart by flaking off and is swallowed.

One of the newer procedures is to delicately remove these types of fillings to protect a patient from the future risk of mercury poisoning. Advanced tools like a rubber dam to help vent any toxic vapor out of the patient’s mouth while the removal process is taking place ensure a more pleasant experience.

Once the entire filling fragments have been removed using a powerful evacuator system, the affected area is thoroughly cleaned, and a new white filling is added to complete the procedure.

Other than these top three procedures, teeth whitening is a cool one to consider too. Using whitening helps to match up a new veneer or dental implant with the original teeth that are already there. This creates a consistent, whiter appearance that looks right in the mirror.