Best tips for a successful session of online therapy

Are you someone who is preparing yourself for a session of online therapy? If answered yes, you too must have asked experts about any best practices and tips. While there are several online counseling services available on the internet, the trick lies in choosing the worthiest one. But how are you supposed to choose the cream of the crop? How do you know which one is better than the other?

The single most important thing to do is to compare the services offered by a few of the best online therapy agencies, and then choose the most affordable one among them. Here are few tips to take into account:

  • Give yourself enough time to get habituated with the setup of the session by arriving ahead of time, at least 5-10 minutes before the actual time of the session. This way you can get settled and take the few connections steps in a rather calm manner which is better than being frazzled and late.
  • Move into a quiet room, plug in your headphones and make sure you focus on the clients rather than concentrating on what’s going on around you.
  • Make sure your background is kept simple as the camera might not focus on you in case the background is too busy and dynamic. Try to keep it simple.
  • You should remain at the center of the camera so that you could look into the camera directly. You have to master the art of looking into the camera when you’re eager to make an eye contact with your clients.
  • If you’re on call with your online therapist, you need an uninterrupted internet service. Hence you have to make sure your other family members are not streaming online services like YouTube or Netflix during the video session. If you have unlimited bandwidth, then you can allow this to happen.
  • Make sure you sit at the chair and don’t make the mistake of placing the laptop on your lap. This will help the camera to remain stable throughout the conversation. Try to place the laptop at a hard surface for best viewing.
  • If you have a pet dog, put him outside as there’s nothing like a barking dog. Make sure your clients get an environment which is similar to that you can offer in your office.

Therefore, before you sit for an online therapy session with your client, make sure you take the above-mentioned steps in order to complete the session successfully.

Source: Best Online Therapy Services Compared – July 2018