Make up is one of the needs of a woman to always look beautiful at all times.  For example, using eyeshadow to beautify the eyes to make them appear more beautiful and elegant.

 One example of an Indonesian eyeshadow brand that Indonesian women are most interested in is Eyeshadow Wardah.  Has a large selection of eyeshadow shades with easy application.

 When you want to apply maximum makeup, eyeshadow is not a product that can be forgotten.  Especially if you want to change the hue around the eyes.  The main benefit of eyeshadow products is to color the eyelid area.  But that’s not all.  If you are used to using eyeshadow, you can also use it as an eyebrow filler and blush.  If by chance you don’t bring eyeliner, you can also use this one product. When viewed from the packaging, Wardah Eye Shadow is really simple and easy to carry everywhere because of its economical size.  Even though it seems simple, the color choices are actually quite interesting for everyday use.

 Wardah Eye Shadow has a very travel-friendly packaging and is so small it can fit in your wallet.  The packaging is made of semi-transparent glass / mica, especially on the palette.  The front of the packaging has a sleek and minimalistic feel thanks to the presence of a metallic gray color. As one of the best-selling brands from Indonesia on the market, Wardah doesn’t want to miss presenting a variety of beautiful eyeshadow colors.  From dark to make smokey eyes, bright to make barbie eye make-up, or soft to make everyday use, all there and packaged in four different series.

 The choice of shades of this eyeshadow is also very large with easy application.  All the color shade choices are also categorized into several variants.  For those of you who are curious about what are the most favorite variants used for eyes make up that are beautiful and look more alive, see the following reviews:

  1. Wardah Eyexpert Eyeshadow Classic

 Besides looking for natural eyes, this eyeshadow can also be applied to give a slightly bold look.  The combination of shimmer and matte colors will give a sparkling and glittery impression which is suitable for eye makeup look when attending special events.  Well, all the shades in this variant are named using alphabetical order starting from A-N.

 2. Wardah Eyexpert Eyeshadow Passionate

 Wardah, eyexpert passionate, will make your eyes look more dramatic.  However, there are things that must be considered when applying this variant of eyeshadow.  For matte colors, the pigment formula is drier so it is less pigmented when applied which requires extra application to get the color pigment you want.

 3. Wardah Eyeshadow Double Function Kit

 For the Series A, the shades given are natural colors, the G series with a choice of brown shades suitable for smokey eyes or the N series with cool toned shades like blue.  With a wide selection of shades of this color, it will be easier for you to choose what color is suitable for use and according to the fashion style you are wearing, of course.

 4. Wardah Instaperfect Spotlight Eyes Pallete Eyeshadow

 The many color choices of this eyeshadow will make it easier for you to experiment with your eye makeup look.  The creamy texture of this eyeshadow can be used as an eyeshadow base before being combined with an eyeshadow powder in the appropriate shade.  So that even without using the eye primer, the color displayed looks pigmented.

 Have you found Wardah eyeshadow that suits your desired makeup look?  Or do you even want to buy up everything and be creative with lots of other looks?

 It doesn’t matter if you want to buy more than one product as long as it doesn’t exceed your budget.  Choose an eyeshadow in a color that you like so that it can boost your mood and confidence.  Welcome to get creative with your choice of Wardah eyeshadow.