How to Cope After Infidelity

How to Cope After Infidelity

Infidelity is a difficult thing to cope with. Some relationships can’t survive the damage of betrayal while some relationships end up stronger and more united. Whether moving on as a single person or working on the relationship, here are some tips on how to cope after infidelity.

Balance the Range of Mixed Emotions

Learning of a partner’s infidelity brings a wave of mixed emotions that can last long after the dust settles. It’s normal to feel hurt, anger, sadness, and other strong emotions. Realizing that the nature of your relationship has changed means grieving for what you used to have. Balance whatever mixed emotions you feel so that you can improve communication with your partner. An unfaithful partner may hold back on the truth if they are worried that it will lead to a worsened emotional spiral.

Take Care of Yourself

The mixed emotions that come with infidelity can often cause physical reactions due to stress. It’s normal to experience sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, lack of appetite, overeating, and diarrhea. Take care of yourself by eating a healthy diet, sticking to a schedule, exercising daily, staying hydrated, and sleeping regular hours.

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It may not be your first reaction to infidelity, but get tested for STDs immediately. Cheating partners may get careless with safer sex practices. Even if you plan to stay with your partner, it’s smart to learn your legal rights just in case things don’t work out. Research the legal aspects of separation, including financial and property concerns as well as custody concerns.

Forgiveness is Earned Over Time

You’ll always remember infidelity, even after time has passed and wounds have healed. Forgiveness is essential to moving forward and starting the process of working things out. You can only truly forgive your partner when you can let go of the negativity.

It’s important to spend time together without talking about infidelity. You may feel like a stranger after having your trust betrayed. If you are going to stay together and work things out, you need to reconnect as both friends and romantic partners. Spend time doing things you enjoy together, or find new things to share.

Don’t Avoid the Elephant in the Room

Talk about your doubts, anger, fears, betrayal, and all the ways the affair has affected you. As you open a new window of intimacy with your partner, don’t hold back on openly communicating. Take it one day at a time. It’s one of the most difficult challenges that can happen in a relationship, but it doesn’t have to end in heartbreak. Be practical about the outcome of an affair. If your relationship is likely to end, think about what will happen with living arrangements, finances, assets, and child custody if you have children.

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Find the Right Support

You may be inclined to ask your partner factual questions and want details of the affair. Over time, you may start asking questions about the underlying reasons for the affair and start realizing things about your relationship. Finding the right support will help you cope with infidelity. Some couples benefit from talking to a couple’s counselor who can be a neutral party and help guide the conversation.

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