Interior Designers in Kolkata

Last summer, when I bought a new house in Kolkata I was desperately looking for a good interior designer to help me get my dream home ready before I shifted there. After days of looking for the perfect person to do the job and still remaining unsuccessful, a friend asked to try the UrbanClap app for much more diverse options.

I was a bit sceptical at first, as I had never used an app like this before to make such major decisions; but taking into the consideration all the numerous amounts of failures I had in finding the right designer I decided to give it a try and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. All I had to do was download the app and search for Interior designer in Kolkata and within seconds I had a list of more than 50+ options right at my fingertips. Not only that, UrbanClap also let me customise my options based on which room I wanted to get done and what work I needed assistance with.

After going through all the options and speaking to a couple of potential options, I chose my interior designer; the manhunt was finally over. As a matter of fact, it surprises me that I never tried UrbanClap before; it would’ve made it so much easier for me right from the beginning.

The next day, I met the Interior Designers in Kolkata to discuss with them my ideas and how I wanted my home to look. They were so attentive and open to my ideas that within three hours we had finalised on the colour scheme, the kind of furniture that would look good and an idea about the placements and accessories that were going to go up. Their ideas resonated with mine and they understood the vibe I wanted my house to give out.

I had only a month to do the entire house from scratch as I was living in a rented apartment and was on my one month notice period. To top it off a colleague told me that designing the interiors of houses like mine took a minimum of two month; the idea that the time period wouldn’t match my moving dates was giving me a lot of stress. However, the Interior designers assured me that they would get it done in time and gratefully, they lived up to their promise.

Shopping for all the accessories and furniture was the biggest task of all. There were so many options and I wouldn’t have been able to decide on any of that alone. My interior designers helped make my work so much more manageable. From where to look the right items to narrowing down options to suit my vibe, they helped me through it all.

I had seen my friends getting worried over not being able to get what they wanted as an outcome while they were doing their houses. Not once during the entire process did I worry about that because the people I had selected made me a part of the process. So, at each step I knew what was happening and I was sure that the result would be exactly what I wanted it to be and the Interior designers from UrbanClap, Kolkata did not fail my expectations. In fact, when I saw the house, it was way beyond my expectations.

I always had a thought about what my own first house would be like and thanks to UrbanClap, this was made possible and I was able to shift into my dream home. They helped me make my house a home and I am very grateful for that.