Legal Implications of Buying Marijuana Seeds!

For most people in Oklahoma buying marijuana is illegal, those with certain medical conditions are allowed to have access to these CBD based products. Medical practitioners are allowed to prescribe these them. When it comes to buying wholesale Marijuana seeds, it is legal as they come in the category of “Adult novelty souvenir”, which is allowed to be purchased as collector items.

Are buying weed seeds is legal?

Before you go for buying wholesale seeds in Oklahoma, you need to know about its legal status. Buying weed seeds is licensed in Oklahoma and the whole of United States. It is because when it is ungerminated, it falls into the category of “adult novelty souvenir”. You are within your right to collect it as collector items.

If you have a state-approved medical license, then you can legally consume Marijuana. A person with this license can possess marijuana in the following quantities:

  • Up to three ounces on their body
  • Six mature marijuana plants
  • Six seedlings
  • One ounce of marijuana concentrates
  • 72 ounce of edible marijuana products
  • Not more than 8 ounces of marijuana in total

Why should you buy wholesale seeds in Oklahoma?

If you have sufficient money and time, then you should go for buying Marijuana seeds in wholesale or bulk. It helps in keeping your overall costs down and you never run out of your favourite strains.

Some medical benefits of buying marijuana seeds

Cannabis is known for treating a wide variety of medical ailments but only medical practitioners are allowed to prescribe it. Many types of research have shown that compound CBD has medicinal qualities, which help in treating various diseases like epilepsy, paraplegia, intractable nausea and vomiting.

Medical cannabis and chronic pain

The healing cannabinoids can give relief from chronic pain. It is proven to provide relief caused by chemotherapy and the disease, so it helps in cancer as well. Marijuana also helps in treating neuropathic pain, which is often caused by an injury. The compound CBD found in these plants also helps in treating neuropathic pain, which is difficult to treat with medicines.

Is Cannabis allowed for recreational purpose in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, cannabis is not allowed to be used for recreational purpose. It is only authorised to be used by people having medical conditions. In-state question 7890, all marijuana charges are demeanour charges that mean if you have a single offence or multiple marijuana offence against you, you will only be charged with demeanour charges.

Where to buy Cannabis seeds in Oklahoma?

The easiest way to buy Marijuana seeds is to buy them online from any trusted brand or source. There aren’t many dispensaries in Oklahoma which sells marijuana. Hence it is best to buy them online.