Review of Pearl Izumi Tri Fly V Carbon Cycling Shoe

You may want to have indoor cycling exercises to get tremendous fitness. Indoor cycling helps you to shed fat, drip your sweat, improve your cardiac health, and strengthen your muscles and legs. If you do indoor cycling without wearing indoor cycling shoes, it can be injurious to your body, especially your legs. You can have blisters on your feet and slip from the pedals.

Wearing a pair of indoor cycling shoes is necessary while you are on a piece of indoor cycling equipment. But choosing the right pair is much challenging as a lot of options are available. You can see plenty of shoe brands and models that can overwhelm your mind. To simplify your finding job, we’ve come out with an excellent pair of indoor cycling shoes, which are Pearl ZUMi Try Fly Carbon Cycling Shoe. You will get massive comfort with them.

Review of PEARL IZUMI Tri Fly V Carbon Cycling Shoe

The Pearl Try Fly Cycling Shoes are one of the best indoor cycling shoes for workout enthusiasts. These cycling shoes are made of synthetic materials and compatible with the SPD SL pedal system cleats. They provide sturdy inner and outer sole with a bit heel bumper. Also, they have a ventilation system, so you feel breathable and comfortable while using this pair of indoor cycling shoes. Besides that, these excellent cycling shoes have some fantastic features that you can consider before making any purchase.

Durable Materials

This pair of cycling shoes are made of 100% Synthetic materials with 1:1 anatomic tri closure. They remove pressure from your forefoot and provide pretty much comfort. They also have a very distinctive design with concave shaping. The composite upper part of these shoes is designed with 3-layer seamless construction, which makes them much breathable and comfortable. Again, uni-body construction delivers super low 5mm stack height for maximum pedaling efficiency.

Stiff Sole

These cycling shoes have a synthetic sole, which offers a 1:1 power plate. This power plate ensures stiffness with a PRO grade uni-directional carbon. It also features direct-venting technology for cooling your feet and providing proper drainage, so the shoes don’t hold water. Besides, this pair of cycling shoes have built-in longitudinal arch support for optimal efficiency and power. Overall, you will also have a dual-density EVA insole for excellent comfort.

Replaceable Heel

Heels are usually the back end of the footwear. It uppers the feet from the ground and prevents accidental slippage. These indoor cycling shoes also come with a stiff heel to prevent slipping while you are pedaling. This reinforced heel cup provides you a firm grip so that you can pedal with more power. Besides, the heel bumper is replaceable and provides a low stack height to allow for effortless transitions.

Adjustable Straps

These indoor cycling shoes feature 1:1 anatomic hook and loop velcro strap closures to make sure the comfort of the forefoot. These straps are adjustable, so you won’t need to worry about your feet width. You can adjust the straps at your convenience. Besides, these straps are designed not wholly to come out of the bucking system, so you’re going to pull them slide your feet.

Breathable and Comfortable

These shoes are breathable with a fully lined mesh upper body to allow airflow and keep the feet fresh. They add ventilation so that the moisture can disperse from your feet. Also, these cycling shoes ensure your feet safe from rubbing and reduce the chance of blisters. Besides, these shoes come with patent-pending technology that removes hot spots from your forefoot. After all, they are comfortable with or without socks.


  • Ensures no overheated feet
  • Provides great stiffness
  • Comes with an entirely synthetic sole
  • Offers built-in longitudinal arch support
  • Features adjustable straps


  • These shoes may not be perfect for big feet


In short, these indoor cycling shoes offer foot protection, power transfer, breathability, and comfort while you have an indoor workout. They come with plenty of excellent features with the compatibility with SPD SL pedal cleat. That’s why you are safe and won’t need to worry about falling off the exercise bike. However, if you are going to have this pair of cycling shoes, it may be an excellent option for you.