Top 5 Highest Yielding Autoflowering Strains

Auto-flowering cannabis strains are quite popular in the cannabis world. These strains are fairly easy to grow, grow very fast and don’t depend on photoperiod. They primarily remain short and conveniently deal with the tough weather conditions and colder weather. So, today in this article we are going to discuss 5 heavy yield auto-flower seeds that you can pick for your next grow:


Northern Lights Auto-flowering

Northern Lights is one of the heavy yield autoflower seeds, its strains are usually ready to harvest at about 10 weeks after germination, and it easily thrives in both mild and cold climates. When this strain is grown indoors, it reaches a maximum height of 120cm, alternatively, when grown outdoors, the strain can grow up to a height of 160cm.

This strain is known to gives its users a head high with cerebral and uplifting elements. The strain is a high yielding auto-flowering and under good conditions usually delivers insane amount of buds to its growers.

Moby Dick Auto-Flowering

Moby Dick, a high performing and durable strain that is flexible across most climates is one of the heavy yield auto-flowering seed. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and rewards its growers with resin laden buds that have a THC percentage of 17%. The strain grows at a decent speed and is ready for harvest within 75 days of germination. The Moby dick auto-flowering grows at a compact height, but, when grown outdoors it can grow up to a height of 130cm.

Green Poison Auto-flowering


Green poison auto-flowering is a mix of Ruderalis, sativa and Indica genetics. The green poison offers its users a heavy and long-lasting high and is essentially a cross between Big Devil 2 and Green Poison. This strain is a great choice for growers as it offers high yield in a short period of time. The strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and usually grows to a height of 60 to 100cm. Additionally, the green poison strain goes from germination to harvest stage in a short time of 8 weeks.


Auto Mazar Auto-Flowering


Auto Mazar is more on a flexible side of strains that do well in the soil as well as hydroponic setups. This auto-flowering cannabis strain grows at a rapid rate and pumps out fantastic yields. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors but will display incredible results when grown in a greenhouse. The auto Mazar auto-flowering cannabis is a cross between pure afghan and skunk genetics and is usually ready for harvest around 10 weeks after germination.

Critical Kush Auto-flowering

Critical Kush is essentially a cross between critical Kush and well developed auto-flowering genetics. This strain, when grown indoors, has the ability to grow up to 80cm, while when grown outdoors it can go up to a height of 70-80cm. The critical Kush yield provides its users with a pleasant body high with relaxation.