Ways to Convince Your Spouse to Go to Marriage Counseling with You

Ways to Convince Your Spouse to Go to Marriage Counseling with You

Your spouse’s apprehensions about going to marriage counseling shouldn’t be too shocking for you. Many marriages have failed because couples refuse to get the help they need. Convincing someone to go to counseling is the second-most difficult part of the process of repairing your relationship. The most difficult part, of course, is admitting that there’s a problem, to begin with. And yet many spouses, even after they have admitted that the marriage is on the rocks, refuse to go to therapy.

It isn’t easy for someone to open up to the idea of relationship counseling in Draper City or other cities. How can a stranger know how to repair your relationship anyway? How perfect are their relationships? How can they say which is right and wrong in a relationship? Your spouse will have all the reasons in the world not to go to counseling. And usually, when you listen to them, they make perfect sense. Yes, how can a stranger advise you on how to deal with your relationship problems?

Go Alone

It is okay to go to therapy alone. Many people think that it’s futile to seek therapy when your spouse doesn’t want to. Why do you have to wait for your partner to get around to wanting to get help? There should be no hindrance to seeking marriage counseling, especially if it will make you a better partner to your spouse. Getting counseling alone will help you deal with your problems.

The counselor can help you see your issues from a different perspective. You’ll also learn how to approach problems more effectively. You can change the way you interact with your spouse. Hopefully, your spouse will change for the better, too.

Discuss the Benefits of Counseling

Talk to your partner and discuss the benefits of counseling. You should calmly do this. There should be no raised voices or threats. Never threaten to divorce your partners because they don’t want to go to therapy. Let them take their time. Talk about how the therapy will help your relationship grow and thrive.

It is tempting to point fingers and tell your partner that they are the one at fault for not trying to repair the relationship. But this will only cause more problems in your marriage. Approach the issue calmly and show how the therapy sessions are making you a better partner. Wait for your spouse to come around.

Value Their Opinions

People who want to go to marriage counseling think that they’re the hero in the relationship. They do because they are the ones who are seeking help; they are naturally the better partner in the marriage. That’s the wrong way to go about it. Learn to value your partner’s opinion. Surely, there is a reason they don’t want to go to therapy. Listen to their opinions about marriage counseling. When it’s your turn, tell them why you think that this is going to be good for your relationship. Showing them respect and patience is the number-one rule in a relationship.

Invite your partner to browse through the profiles of marriage counselors. Let them have an opinion on whom they want to talk to. Read through many blogs and articles about marriage counseling. This will help you make an informed choice about the kind of therapy you need.

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