Working professionals are always on the run and this greatly compromises their health. They are skipping meals more than often and grabbing unhealthy, fattening junk food when hungry.  This may keep them going but overtime affects their overall health as well as affects their performance at work.

A nourished body and mind increases productivity and enhances work outcomes. A few changes in your lifestyle and choosing healthier foods can make a great difference to your body, career, and life.

  1. Start healthy

A healthy start of the day begins with a healthy breakfast but unfortunately, most of us and especially working professionals find it difficult to sit for a wholesome breakfast. A healthy breakfast energizes the body and fuels the brain for the new day ahead. Making time for breakfast is the first step towards a healthy life.

  1. Choose the best possible option

How you want to nourish your body is your choice. Making healthy choices is a conscious effort. Opt for fresh fruit or a handful of nuts instead of a bag of chips. A glass of fresh fruit juice is refreshing and healthy compared to aerated or sugary cold-drinks. When faced with challenge always choose the best possible option.

  1. Keep healthy foods handy.

Even with a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, your body needs nourishment in between. Energy bars are a great way to boost metabolism, curb cravings, prevent binge eating and refuel your body. Keeping convenience foods handy like trail mix nuts, dried fruits, fruits, yogurt, energy bars etc help you eat healthily and reduce craving for junk.

  1. Cut down on caffeine

Tea and coffee are great favourites with working professionals. Stress, meeting deadlines, long meeting, and increased work pressure are some reason why caffeine in form of coffee, tea, and energy drinks are consumed in increased amounts. Caffeine does provide an energy surge but this spike in energy is momentary. With increased caffeine, sugar consumption also increases leading to other health-related problems.

  1. Eat small but frequent meals

Avoid having large heavy meals at one time as it will make you feel lazy and sleepy. In addition, most working professionals are at the desk from sun-up to sun-down without any physical activity. Large, heavy meals are calorie dense and excess calories when not used are converted to fat.  This is one reason why obesity is common among working professionals.

A small meal followed by a healthy snack keeps you nourished and provides a steady supply of energy to keep you active and attentive throughout the day.

Your health is in your hands. Stop making excuses and start making the changes. Remember, a healthy life starts with a healthy body and mind.