Healthy-Finds Selects Café Kreyol as Best Specialty Coffee  

Healthy-Finds is a pioneering online membership savings program with its own team of wellness advocates that carefully selects and endorses only the healthiest brands– especially for those products that we consume everyday, like coffee.

Statistics show that 40% of Americans drink coffee everyday and rightly so, because coffee has a lot of health benefits.

For your caffeine fix, Healthy-Finds recommends only the best – Café Kreyol.

Café Kreyol is not just about producing the finest coffees in the world.  It is also about making the world a better place by alleviating poverty in rural coffee growing regions.  Its mission is to provide livelihood to farmers and by doing so, secure the future of the children of these farmers, and ultimately, contribute to the economic growth of the countries they represent.  Café Kreyol started in Haiti but has now expanded to Brazil, Bolivia, Burundi, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Mexico.

What’s different about Café Kreyol is that they are very hands-on in the sourcing process.   They deal directly with coffee farmers in order to ensure the quality of their produce as well as the sustainability of their resources.  Each coffee farm is certified organic and their produce is all natural, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. The company is also known to pay their farmers up to 300% higher than what Fair Trade requires, on the condition that these farmers will send their children to school.  You see, for most of the farmers – prior to being tapped by Café Kreyol – life was a choice between putting food on the table or sending their kids to school.  With the support of Café Kreyol, they no longer have that dilemma.

In the end, it’s a win-win situation for both the customers of Café Kreyol as well as its farmers – as the company strives to maintain its commitment to both – handpicking the best coffee beans to come out with premium coffee blends.

Knowing the background of Café Kreyol, you can really enjoy a cup of their coffee with peace in your heart, knowing that somehow, you have helped a farmer’s family in the Caribbean.

Café Kreyol is owned by Joseph “Joey” Stazzone who likes to call himself – not the Chief Executive Officer, but the Chief Coffee Hunter of Café Kreyol.  Joey is one of only 3,800 licensed coffee graders in the world, and this is why Healthy-Finds chose to partner with him and his company.

You see, Healthy-Finds only partners with experts who have a holistic, organic approach and actively seeks companies that offer natural products and who are committed to sustainability and fair trade.  It is for these reasons that Healthy-Finds recommends Café Kreyol for you!  Click here to receive an exclusive offer on Café Kreyol.  (Please supply link.)