Tone your body by performing yoga

Extra inches give excess tension to people these days. Yes, all people, both young and old, want to keep their bodies in perfect shape with no flab, fat or extra inches. This is why people have started heading to gyms, fitness zones and yoga classrooms. Of these, people prefer yoga to tone up their bodies. Now you know the reason why people are strutting about with a yoga mat holder in their hand.

Men want to look taut and lean while women want an hour-glass figure. And all without any side effects like muscle strain, sprain, etc. For this, Yoga is the best as it is easy to learn, can be practised at home and does not have any side effects, whatsoever. Most important of all, it does not require any major yoga gear apart from a yoga mat and a yoga mat holder.

What is meant by toning your body?

People think “toning your body” means showing your muscles or shedding weight. But this is not so. Toning actually means “strengthening your muscles.”  This is done usually with “strength training”.

Men think lifting weight swill cause their muscle to become taut and bulge out. Women think lifting weights will help them lose fat in the right place. Both require lifting weights but the difference lies in the type of weights, the reps, and the sets of exercises you do. Whether you want to build muscle or burn fat, both require strength training and not just lifting weights.

Strength-training involves a set of exercises that require not the mere lifting of weights but also cardio and other muscle toning exercises. The best part about strength training is that it is a complete exercise regime in itself which does all 3 function- building muscles, losing fat and toning the body.

Yoga has found to be best for strength training and that is why everyone today is walking about with yoga mat holders in their hands.

Why is Yoga best for toning your body?

Yoga is a dynamic form of exercise. It can be used to relax your body and slacken your muscles or give them rigorous training. To strengthen the muscles, you must subject them to endurance tests which will increase their suppleness and tone without causing any severe damage. This can be done through certain Yogic poses or asanas that have been specifically selected for strength training purposes.

The effectiveness of yoga as a strength-training routine has been proven through many experiments and studies. A study conducted by the Asian Journal of Sports Medicine made 80 participants do the “Surya Namaskar” or salutations to the sun 6 days a week for 24 weeks. This showed a significant improvement in the upper-body muscles like triceps, deltoid, shoulder, traps and even the back muscles. All these were toned and showed much strength and endurance.

Thus, Yoga can be really powerful in toning your body and promote muscle growth and strengthening.  This makes yoga practitioners make a beeline for their yoga classes regularly, armed with a yoga mat holder and a water bottle.

How a Yoga mat holder can help you show off your muscle toning?

Does this sound ludicrous? It is not. Imagine you wearing a sleeveless Yoga top or T-shirt and brandishing a yoga mat holder on your arm. This Yoga mat holder is of an eye-catching design that arrests everyone’s attention. All eyes are immediately are on the attractive Yoga mat holder dangling from your shoulder. When they see that, they automatically see the biceps rippling on your arm and feel its tautness and strength. They instantly admire the muscle toning and marvel at your fitness and physique. Now, isn’t this a great and nonchalant way of showing off your muscles?

What do you need a Yoga mat holder?

It’s not enough to just go to a Yoga class. You must accessorize yourself properly. And for this, you first need a Yoga mat and a Yoga mat holder.

A Yoga mat holder is a must to keep the yoga mat protected from dust, dirt, and grime. People who do yoga need a level and cushioned surface to perform yoga. This is why they use the Yoga mat. The Yoga mat is usually rolled up and placed in a Yoga mat holder.

The Yoga mat holder holds the mat firmly in place and prevents it from rolling out like a snake. It helps the yoga mat to dry by circulating air through its breathable fabric and keep it free from dust and grime.

What kind of Yoga mat holder should you buy?

Always buy a good-quality Yoga mat holder from a  reliable supplier. Let the Yoga mat holder be of a breathable fabric like cotton to allow air to percolate and dry the Yoga mat. Buy a Yoga mat holder that is sturdy, weatherproof and quick to dry.

Get going for your Yoga class with the best Yoga mat holder in hand to tone up your body and refresh your mind.