What is cryotherapy and its benefits

What pain is something very hard to explain? It is similar to the concept of time. As it is very difficult to measure time same is the case with the pain as well. Different people have the different stamina to feel the pain. No matter in which category you belong to, no one wants to live their whole life in pain and agony. Unfortunately, there are certain conditions in which you are unable to control the pain and this is a torture for that individual. It happens when the nerve endings are irreparably damaged and they are continuously sending pain messages to the brain.  This is a very uncomfortable situation and apparently, there is no cure for that until the Japanese scientists discovered a new way to treat incurable conditions. They have invented cryotherapy in which the body is treated with extremely low temperature.

What exactly is it?

Cryotherapy is a word derived from the Greek language which means cold treatment. This procedure was invented by the Japanese to test and find out the cure for the patients of arthritis, a disease in which the joints get swollen and painful. There is no possible cure for these conditions before until cryotherapy helped to ease the pain in 1978. After the success of the procedure, it was widely adopted by the US and other parts of the world. Now millions of patients are treated with this therapy.

If you have been recommended the cryotherapy by your doctor, there are certain things you must know before you go for the treatment.

  • Cryotherapy is done in a hollow chamber in which liquid nitrogen is poured to cool it down to – 150 to -200 °C. You have to remove your clothes and wear the ones given to you by the therapist. Then you have to stay in that chamber for 2 – 3 minutes. Don’t worry, it is not closed completely, your head will remain outside the machine and if you feel uncomfortable, you can leave at any time too.
  • Cryotherapy is very beneficial for various conditions like inflammation and swellings. If you are suffering from insomnia and it is very difficult for you to get a good and peaceful sleep, you need your doctor consultation on cryotherapy. This extreme temperature produces a good effect on the muscles and makes your body relax. The IV therapy is also good for hangovers too; all you need to do is to visit IV Therapy for hangover in NYC.
  • If you have issues of nerve damage and irritated nerves, it can also be solved with cryotherapy. In this condition, the doctor will inject the solution in your skin in the affected area in order to freeze the damage nerve endings. This will prevent it from sending the pain signals to the brain. This way you can get rid of the pain very easily.

Everything that has advantages also has some disadvantages too. Same goes for the cryotherapy as well. Cryotherapy is done to cure cancer cells, which sometimes also damage the healthy cells too. These side effects are temporary.