Are you certain you are using the right air mask?

There are several air masks for sale, but only the right one can do the job of filtering the air that you breathe. Let’s explore what constitutes the perfect air mask.

Over the last year, the mass media has been rife with reports about the deteriorating quality of air in Indian cities. Prominent metros like Delhi are on the radar of activists and the Government, owing to the high amount of air pollution that the citizens are now exposed to.

There is simply no option but to buy an air mask online, pronto. Whether young or old, healthy or not, every person today needs to wear an air mask before venturing out of doors. Given the high amounts of toxic gases, particulate matter and pollution-laden moisture in the air, the air mask is a necessary tool in the fight against air pollution.

Buy an air mask online

There are a variety of air masks available for sale at pharmacies and online stores in India. You can order the best kind of air mask online after studying its specifications and usage information. You should ideally order air masks online for the entire family, since everyone is at equal risk.

The main components of the air mask are:

  • The mask, to protect the lower half of the face from harmful air.
  • Straps, to tie at the back of the head and hold the mask in place

However, most air masks online are unequal to the challenge of keeping harmful air away from your body. For one thing, they do not offer efficient filtering action that can remove the particulate matter and toxic gases from the unit of air that you breathe. At best, they offer a sort of rudimentary buffer between the outside air and your face. Secondly, most of them make your face feel hot and clammy after a few hours of use, especially in humid and hot weather. So, you must remove the mask and wipe/wash it clean before you wear it again.

Wearing an inefficient mask is akin to not wearing one at all. We recommend opting for a high-quality air mask like the Dettol SiTiShield Protect Smart Mask.

What is the Dettol SiTiShield Protect Smart Mask?

Made with scientific precision to filter out up to 98% of particulate matter (PM 2.5) and carbon dioxide from the air that you breathe, the Dettol SiTiShield Protect Smart Mask provides hours of efficient filtering action to keep out air pollution from your body.

You can order this air mask online and also get the Micro Fan with it. The micro fan is a chargeable attachment that is fitted into the fan near the bottom, to keep the insides cool. The fan removes build-up of heat and moisture, and also filters out carbon dioxide. So the air that you breathe when you wear this air mask is as pure as it is possible for the best mask to be.