Attain Spiritual Oneness Through Yoga

Everyone thinks that the body and mind are 2 different entities. Physically, they are 2 separate structures but only when they function together as one, there is harmony for the human being.

Apart from this corporeal body made of flesh and blood, there is the soul or prana. This prana is the energy source that drives the body and mind. It is the spiritual element that guides a man in his journey of life.

For a meaningful existence, a man must attain spiritual oneness of the body-mind and the soul or spirit. This can be achieved only by Yoga.

What Does Spiritual Oneness Mean?

We have often heard of people talking of “how the mind wanders” and “gaining control of the mind and body”. We have also heard about “soul-searching” and “mastery of the mind”. All these terms inevitably point to one thing- spiritual oneness.

Spiritual oneness is the process of gaining control over the mind by controlling the body through Yogic poses. It is accomplished through Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga aims at controlling the body through breath-control and simple postural exercises. By controlling the body, the mind is stilled and brought in control. Now, the mind is tuned to guide the soul toward the spiritual path. This is called spiritual oneness.

Hatha yoga is easily performed through simple exercises done on a good-quality yoga mat holder and does not need any other complicated accessories or fitness gear. All that is needed is 30 minutes of your time, some concentration and a sturdy and comfortable Yoga mat to offer you a good base to practice yoga on.

How to attain spiritual oneness through Yoga

Spiritual oneness is easily attained through Yoga because Yoga is a holistic discipline that addresses and unifies the body and mind. Every yogic pose has an element of exercise and an element of breath control or meditation. Thu, both the body and mind are tuned together and unified to attain spirituality.

The form of Yoga that makes spiritual oneness possible is called Raja yoga. Raja Yoga was introduced by the sage Patanjali in the 2nd century BCE. This form of Yoga comprises of 6 branches or practices – 4 external and 4 internal. The external limbs of Raja Yoga are Yama, Niyama, Aana, and Pranayama. The internal limbs are Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi.

Importance of the Yoga mat in Yoga Practice and Spiritual Oneness

The basic foundation of all these Raja Yoga practices requires a comfortable seating or lying position. This seating or lying position is called the asana or the 3rd external limb of Raja yoga. This is different from the “asana” or Yogic poses that we do during Yoga.

For a comfortable asana, you must use a yoga mat. Yogic practitioners always recommend the use of yoga mat for the following reasons.

  1. Yoga mats offer a flat and even surface to practice Yoga.
  2. The material of the Yoga mat is always padded to offer a cushioning effort to support the body.
  3. The yoga mat has a “gripping” effect that prevents the body from slipping during the exercises
  4. Bruising and chafing of the skin can be prevented by the use of a yoga mat.
  5. During certain poses like Sarvanana, yoga mat prevents the body from freezing.
  6. The yoga mat prevents the floor from absorbing all the energy or heat of the body.
  7. Yoga mats offer a painless and pleasurable experience while doing yoga.

The main objective of yoga is spiritual oneness and that can be obtained only when the yoga is done correctly with the proper pose and breathing control. To strike a yoga pose right, the main thing you need is a yoga mat. Make sure you buy a top-quality yoga mat that is strong, weather-proof and comfortable. Let the mat be flexible washable and durable. Buy the yoga mat from a reputed supplier to get the best benefits of yoga.

Practice Yoga on the yoga mat and attain spiritual oneness and solace. Good luck.