Dorays – a Healthcare Startup is Changing the Life of Jaipur People

Going to a doctor for any health issue has become a tiresome procedure these days. One has to go to the hospital, book appointment, take the token and visit the doctor at given time. Apart from that all the paperwork related to doctor’s appointment will also matter a lot. Be it prescriptions or lab documents, patients should carry all of them for every doctor’s visit until the issue is solved. This entire process takes up a lot of time and exhaust patients.

In this situation came Dorays, a healthcare startup that is focusing on easing the doctor visiting procedure for patients. These days everything can be done online, then why give exception for doctor’s appointment? But with Dorays now this feature is available for patients. All they have to do is install this app or use its website to book appointment. This app has every feature that is important for patients thus making it easier for them to consult doctor, to keep a track of their paperwork and to store all of their medical history at one place.

Amazing Benefits for Free

Dorays offer a lot of benefits for free to its users. Be it researching to find doctors near you or to book doctor appointment online, you can do everything right from your home or any place that you want. The platform gives you the list of best doctors in your locality so that you don’t have to worry about the reliability of doctors.

The best thing about this app is that you don’t have to carry cash anymore. From booking appointments to lab checkups, you can pay for all of them via your cards using the app. Everything that a patient need while visiting doctor can be taken care with the help of Dorays and it is having a great impact on the life of Jaipur people with amazing features present under its hood.

The best thing about platform is that you don’t have to pay any extra fees or buy the app from Play Store. It is completely free and all the features it offers come at free of cost. Just register and book an appointment with any doctor that you need. It allows you to cancel the appointment and reschedule it without any hassle. Dorays is helping in getting rid of long queue lines and a lot of hassle associated with it.

Article by Aarif Habeeb: – Content writer and digital partner of Dorays.