Getting to grips with sex toys

Sex toys are not about kinky sex – they are about experimentation and discovering things about yourself and your partner that you didn’t know before.

They’re exciting and slightly taboo, which makes using sex toys even more enticing. But not many people are completely aware of what they are and why they are used. This article sheds light on the issue.

Sex toys – what they do

Sex toys are primarily used for genital stimulation. Women are known to use sex toys like vibrators and dildos. However, there are some sex toys designed for use by men, such as cock rings and certain kinds of vibrators. Sex toys are normally battery operated and they work by offering rhythmic pressure at varying speeds.

  • They are meant for people wanting to explore their sexuality and the boundaries of their pleasure. There is a myth held all over the world that only those women who are sexually inactive need to use sex toys when pleasuring themselves. But what most people don’t know is that they can be used by sexually active people as well – and many couples use them together before sex!
  • Sex toys are useful for women who take some time to get completely aroused for sex, or who do not experience adequate wetness upon arousal. Using the toy during foreplay can bring about more explosive orgasms with oral or penetrative sex.
  • Also, sex toys need not be used only on the genital area. They can be used on other erogenous zones of the body to stimulate and excite you in preparation for oral or penetrative sex.
  • It is better to use sex toys with lube – this prevents chafing and enhances pleasure during sex. But be sure to clean the device afterwards to prevent accumulation of dirt and getting an infection with subsequent use.

Using sex toys – a simple guide

If your partner has been using a sex toy before meeting you, or even after meeting you, find out why. Does she feel that she is missing out on something in her sexual relationship with you? Or is there some sort of stimulation that you have not yet provided to her but which the vibrator does? Have an open chat with her about what she loves the most about using the sex toy.

Then ask her permission about using the sex toy on her. Do this only when you are in a serious relationship and have known each other for a while, because using a sex toy for stimulation is a deeply intimate act. Explore her reactions and the sounds she makes when you use the toy on different parts of her body. Focus on the neck, shoulders, back, inner thighs and backs of her knees when pleasuring her.

Now ask her to use the sex toy on you – you will be stunned to discover hidden erogenous zones on your body!