Great Neck Chiropractor Adds New Massage Center Services

Great Neck Chiropractor Adds New Massage Center Services

The great Virginia Beach Chiropractor – Alpine Chiropractic – now adds more different services to their portfolio. Aside from the power massage that is well known among the citizens who had trouble with their necks, now they offer many different other services.

In this article, we’re going to give you an insight into what is available in their clinic. Read on and find out for yourself what you can get there!


Millenniums ago, the ancient Chinese learned about the points of the human body that affect the work of different systems throughout it. Pressing one tiny nerve in one place will result in a much better feeling and relaxation somewhere else.

This is a matter of science because it demands precision and a lot of knowledge about what the doctor is doing. The treatment requires tiny needles that are being inserted into our bodies. They stay there for a while and provide pain relief.

The acupuncture is now a part of the services that this clinic provides. If you want to try what ancient Chinese people used daily, you should give these guys a visit. See more on this here.

Laser Therapy

Our bodies are just a tiny part of this universe. The entire universe is made of stardust, as some people love to call it. We as humans are made of 75% water, and the rest is nothing else but compounds that can be found all over nature and everywhere around the planet.

This planet is sunray dependent. Without it, nothing would’ve ever existed. That’s why our bodies require the sun so much. The organs inside see no sun rays and the positive energy coming from it can’t be met unless a doctor provides it.

The laser therapy is using special wavelengths of light. Machines manage to insert the light wavelengths and create a therapeutic effect on our bodies. It is a relatively new method that is most commonly used in sports injuries.

Sports massage

When it comes to sports injuries, it’s commonly known that most of them happen when the body wasn’t properly prepared for a particular activity. Those athletes who suffer injuries are often not rested well.

After the training, every athlete must indulge in a series of treatments to recover their strength. One of them is the massage. The sports massage is a different one because it requires more strength and power. If you’ve suffered from body stress and exhaustion, feel free to give them a call.

Active release treatment

This is a relatively new method that is rarely used in the States. The Colorado Springs doctor called Michael Leahy patented this method and called it ART, as short from Active Release Treatment. Learn more about this here:

This is a way to treat various organs and systems inside our bodies. It is done by soft tissue movement. This simple yet highly important way of treating patients is excellent for healing several problems.

It is amazing for treating back pain, headaches, shin splints, knee, and other joint problems, shoulder and other bones problems, and many other things.

This method also finds vast use in sports. Athletes we mentioned previously, who suffered from injuries or exhaustion will find a tremendous use of this method.

Personal injury treatment

Whenever you suffer some kind of personal injury, the doctors suggest going to physical therapy. Instead of going elsewhere and pay a ton of money, you can visit this place and receive an equally if not better treatment.

This clinic now offers everything that you need for treating your injury. From massages to laser therapy, you can spend your recovery process here and be sure that you’ll heal the best way possible.


If you’ve ever been to this Great Neck chiropractor, feel at ease and know how trusted they can be. The doctor is highly experienced and reliable. They are excellent in what they do, and now they can offer so many more services than before.

Taking care of your body is not an option. It’s an obligation. Those who take regular appointments claim to be healthier and feel better than the others. If you want to live longer and suffer no pain in the muscles, joints, and tendons, you need to visit this clinic.